Can You Really Trust Your Instincts All The Time?

Sep 9, 2014 | Creativity


Instincts are what create art, genius, breakthroughs, visionaries, triumphs, success stories and just about anything good you can imagine.

But, in the real world: Can you really live by your instincts about things?

I think NO is the best answer.

I have a theory:

You can trust your instincts when your life is in order.

That’s just my theory.

So far, it works beautifully.

If you are in a struggle to know what is best, what to do next, what is really happening… this might help you. 


Life is all energy.

There are lots of theories about how this energy is organized and how we attract and create things.

When you have a pile of unpaid bills, a list of to-do’s a mile long, an oversheduled life without focus, a ton of bad habits that occlude peace and health… these are the situations that pull you away from a sort of energetic alignment.  Have you noticed that when you are in a state of chaos, everything seems to bring more chaos?

Yep, in that self-perpetuating chaos state you aren’t really using your instincts very well.  In fact, when I come across people who are super-chaotic, I try not to tell them to trust their instincts too much.  Instead, I encourage them to get organized.

When you have physical order in your life- clothes put away, books on the shelves, dishes in the cupboard, etc, etc- it seems to free up space to think more clearly.  Suddenly, the inspiring glimpses of “what feels right” become more apparent.

When you can go one level deeper and get order in the chaos of your relationships, business dealings, health programs and the like, you get a sort of energetic chiropractic adjustment.  Suddenly, the energy is going where it needs to go.  Suddenly, the time wasted in fighting is time spent feeling out great solutions.

It’s really hard to be creative, to think with freedom and to make life happen with abandon if you are in disorder.

Instincts require order.

Anything that sweeps you off your feet is grand, isn’t it?  As much as I love the “swept off your feet” moments of a great romance or an exciting jackpot moment in life, if you dismantle the order of your life too much in the freefall you start losing touch with your instincts.  Suddenly, the stomachache gets ignored in the rainbows and fluffy clouds. The house isn’t as organized.  The to-do list isn’t done.  The ways that you can feel your way into sound judgement start to move out of reach.  Instead you start thinking.  And thinking.  And analyzing.  And ignoring your instincts because now you are in disorder.

These lapses in order and instinct can take you to places where you wake up one day and think: ” Who was I? Did I just do that? How did I get myself involved in this?”

If you are asking yourself that question and feel like your life is more a racing mind than a feeling body, you might belefit from a little more organization.

Idea for the week:  clean up and truly organize at least one place in your space where you are stuck.  If your money is upside down, organize your files, your checkbook, your office, your emails… If your love life is nuts, organize your bedroom.  Go the extra mile.  Create order where there was chaos.  Every day, see if you feel your instincts returning.  You may need to re-learn how to trust them, but over time you’ll get that confidence back.  Just keep going!



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  3. Christina

    I am just doing a blog about how I have just gone through a huge life detox, but the first thing I started with was organising my whole life! I will feature you in my blog post if you don’t mind, this just explains perfectly how important it is to organise all these aspects so you can really focus and clear any negative energy in your life, great article! xx

    • danaclaudat

      thats awesome I’m so glad it hit home for you! 🙂



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