The Chic Part Of Boho Chic!

Sep 9, 2014 | Home Style

boho chic


Diffuse light, low cushions, fabulously frayed rugs… macrame, textile, layers and patterns… welcome to the way to mix bohemian earthiness into your home without feeling overwelmed by it!  It’s the perfect blend of bohemian that can still shine as spacious design.  Get ready for some inspiration that you can weave into your home to feel more connected to the Earth today!

justina blakeney jungalow

(Justina Blakeney, style icon)

I believe that only Justina Blakeney can pull off such orange-on-orange color play and make it enchanting, but for the rest of us, check out what happens when you custom reupholster or even just cover big sofas in fabulous textiles. While its not a new invention, it is somethinhg we often forget as a panic sets in that we need new furniture!

boho chic


You can DIY some painted sticks from Soulmakes, or you can DIY any kind of vignette at home that groups “scred” objects to create something divine.

madonna inn

(madonna inn) 

I’m pretty sure the steps at the Madonna Inn will always be a huge inspiration for me.  If you dare to take one piece of your “look” at home and make it ultra-memorable, this is how you can sneak in the hutra-hippie chic without going overboard.

boho chic


Layers, layers and more layers. Here the most lively are the dual carpets and banquette layered in pillows.  I just love this look.

boho chic


And polished bohemian should not be forgotten!  Quilts, cushions and painted wicker made for an uber-grounded room, but this is still so polished its refreshing and Boho all at once!

Layer, experiment, pattern, texture… fun, colors, vignette… tapestry, wicker, pillows… The words of Boho Chic are all so delicious!


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