Here Is Why You Should Never Work A Day In Your Life Again!

Sep 11, 2014 | Prosperity


You should never work a day in your life again.

This is my mission: I want you to design your dream life.  In that life, you don’t work. You live.

Work is not valuable the way that we think of it these days.

I used to hide in “work.”  Duty, obligation, superficial challenges, trying to force myself through days of monotony and boredome with no pride and no passion.

Are you there with me?

I’m not suggesting you never challenge yourself ever again, or that you don’t do what you need to do to fulfill your mission on the planet.  Rather, I am strongly recommending that you, instead, make your life your greatest creation.


We are all makers. You were put here to make things, whether it is a family or an empire, a beautiful life of one or a village or art or service.  Not everyone was meant to be on the Forbes list, some people were meant to support their neighbors and make people smile.  Whether you have a huge career or a very modest life, it has absolutely nothing to do with your success.

In fact, I know many people who take such immense pride in what they do and feel so connected to what they create that they have soared leagues beyond anything that is known to be conventional success.  How about: The kid who was so mesmirized by travelling with the carnival folk and building and tearing down amusement park machines that within a year he somehow magically started building the world’s most expensive cars and is revered while totally in love with his life.  When you ask him he will tell you that he doesn’t work. He lives what he loves.

I had a wild palm reading by a friend who slipped into a semi-trance of wine and excitement before holding my left hand and telling me the most accurate assesment of my life so far, ever.  Do I believe that the lines in my hand tell of my future? Who knows.  I do know that what he said was the most divine statement ever:

” You can’t live a lie. You go through life living a double life full of a lie exisence until you hit a point where you have this amazing life and your creativity is early shattering but you never work again in a sense. Does that make sense?”

I ditched my double-life.  I’ve worked for moguls, for major art galleries, museums… I’ve had the kind of jobs that you have to work to identify yourself with, the jobs that want your soul and the jobs that suck the life out of you, the deafeningly boring jobs…

My life is my making now.

Your life is your making, now. 

This is the way I understand success. This is the way I hope everyone can live, in their own way, right now.

I am a guinea pig for my own theories, a test kitchen for food and homeopathy, a generator of my own ideas and projects.  Even though I still am employed by many many people in a sense, it’s all an extension of me. I have a terrible relationship break-up and three articles come out that week that feature my work in setting up bedrooms and cleaning up life after a seperation. I decide to immerse myself in more art and I am suddenly curating art.

Everything I do is my work.  My life is my business.  It is the first time I feel wholeheartedly thrilled for every day.

I’m not perfect, I’m not so great and terribly not infallable, I think I know a lot less than most of you, and I am pretty sure that my whole life is a lesson.

That said: I do not work. And I never will again.

I feel that we all have lost track of what real power is.  

People who think that power is something grand, and that power-junkies are to be admired does not have a clue what real power actually is or what is should look like.  I bring into my life many people in crisis, filled with “power” yet totally powerless over their own emotions, unable to love and unhappy in a profound sense.  When I work with people to amplify their power in life, we don’t talk about job promotions or getting nominated to special committees.  Power is an extension of yourself and how you can positively infuence the world.  Your arrogant boss is not powerful, he or she is miserable!

Success is what you define it to be.

Success is as relative as time.  You decide how fast or slow time moves. You decide what metrics in your own life determine how successful you are.

Stability has nothing to do with money.

I’m blessed that I have been both devestatingly broke and very happily monied, raised extremely poor yet travelled in an A-list hyper-intense manner that seemed very far from food stamps and welfare checks.

I’ve never felt really attached to either way to be.  I always just wanted to be myself and to feel stability. I could say I was happier poor as a child but that is not true. I had no stability. I also had no stability when my life was a global party.

Stability comes from within, not from a bank account or a future plan. Stability is right now how well you can care for yourself, how confident you are in your life and how much you feel your feet peacefully rooted to the ground. .

When you can feel stable in yourself, you can create anything.

I hope you never work a day in your life again. I hope you produce, create, build and transform your every day by showing up and being a maker of that day. I hope you have so much pride and excitement for all that you make.

I made this video after hearing one of the best stories ever about living a life of success. It still and always will make me cry. If you want to be more of yourself in your every day, I think you will enjoy it.

xoxoxo Dana



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  1. O

    Thank you. What a beautiful story.

  2. Ken

    Wow this post truly light me up! I’m there with you Dana. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Just because you’re good at something and everyone love it, doesn’t mean it’s what you should be doing. Don’t allow yourself to get trapped building a life around a skill or ability that you don’t love. Dig deep what make you good. Your amazing Dana!
    Thanks Dana!



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