Let People Love You!

Sep 13, 2014 | Uncategorized

let people love you

Right now I know someone loves you.

Do you let them love you?

Do you let that energy into your life?

I work with many people who want “perfect” love feng shui bedrooms.  After all, if you set up a space for love, love will come. That’s the theory.  The actual fact is that when you set up a space for love you have taken the first step.

You still have to let love in.

I have done some pretty magnificent design work with people who desperately want to change their love story. Their bedroom is a monument to the best of love feng shui. And people appear. Many potential loves pour in sometimes.  I’ve seen these potential loves get rejected, get treated like the rest of the people in their past, get analyzed and scrutinized.

Just because you have a perfect bedroom, or a brilliantly feng shui’d home, that doesn’t mean you will suddenly accept love.

I was once on the other end. I loved and loved a man, and it was so fantastic to love him.  Simple, free, fun. Soon, I was told by this man that he just wasn’t used to accepting love.   He didn’t trust love in some ways. Maybe none of us do?  He didn’t accept things from most anyone.  I wanted to believe if I could love enough that things would change.  That’s the classic story. The one that doesn’t end well.

I bet you love many people.  I also have a feeling many people love you.  Let yourself feel that love.  Bring it close to you.  Even those who can’t let people love them now might just let that in one day.  I believe in the best.  We all want to belong.

Value the love around you.  That’s what will endure.

Now, as you make those changes in your home and make space for love, you will see the difference.

First step: HERE are some love feng shui tips anyone can use in their bedroom, to get you started on your home.

Now, go tell people how much you love them. This is the best step.

xoxo Dana


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