The Best Way To Use Feng Shui To Make A Big Change In Your Life!

Sep 14, 2014 | Creativity


If you are craving change, you are not alone.

I bet most of you want in some way to make a change.

There’s a common theme to every feng shui consultation, every conversation, every person who wants to work with me… they all crave change.

Do you really want to change something?

Today’s fast feng shui is all about the idea of change… and the way to start making the changes that really make a difference. 

flowers in feng shui

In feng shui, odd numbers of objects produce change and even numbers of objects promote stability.  Even in the ancient art and science of numerology, even numbers are thought of as more stable (and in some cases, “luckier” which is funny to me) and odd numbers are more esoteric and impractical at times (another “funny” thing since practical is not always good!)

The interesting thing is that there are decided opposites at work: the sound and solid is in conflict with the dynamic.  The practical is seperated from the impractical.

I have found that most of the people I work with wrestle with change- even positive change- because it upsets the status quo.

Even if that staus quo is bad, it is what we know.

I have found that the best ways to shake things up and make real changes start with balance.  

Balance is a mix of even and odd numbers of objects.  A mix of practical and impractical.  A blend of focused and free-wheeling.

When you start moving energy around, things blow up that have been stuck.

If you are prepared and balanced within yourself, it doesn’t matter if things blow up.  You are far more ready for change if you feel grounded within yourself.

My clients who are not really grounded within themselves (it happens to the best of us!) often ask me to help them make enormous changes and I have to take a step back and say “NO.”   Enormous changes are often misguided if you are feeling completely off-kilter.  Would you make a big decision with your money while super drunk? Would you feel good about deciding to move across the country in the middle of a life crisis?   Likely, you’d look back on both and say…”What the hell was I thinking?”  But yet, ungrounded and unfocused we think there are so many great ideas in catastrophic change to take us out of the rut we are in.  You can pile up the feng shui cures. Add running water, add tons of fountains, add the “best” feng shui cures….

You can add odd numbers of objects to catalyze changes…

I don’t recommend that!

I had a friend who was in crisis and loaded his home up with so much moving water (a popular feng shui cure to create change) that it flooded his house and set off fire sprinklers and caused a fairly major disaster.

So….a suggestion:

Even before you start making big decisions that involve change ask yourself…

“How stable do I feel within myself?”

By getting your own energy balanced you will be in a far better place to make the changes that matter.   If you can find peace  in meditation, exercise, eating well, sleeping soundly and eliminating drama from your immediate life you are starting from a place within yourself of wellness. Holistic medicine is awesome in this regard.  Energy work is tremendous.  My own spiritual practice is invaluable to keep this inner compass working well.

Now, look at your home and your life.  Once you feel great in your own self, you can start making the kind of changes that truly feel right.

Change for the sake of change is not helpful: it can actually be super-disruptive.

Staying stuck for the sake of stability is also not helpful: it can wither your life.

But… after many years of this life-changing design, I promise you the best self-generated changes come when you are feeling really good about yourself.  Let yourself feel fantastic.  And then, dive in!

xoxo Dana



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