Another Reason Why Love Transforms Your Life!

Sep 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

soulmate quotes


You know that person that you just know you’ve met before?

I have had many.  Right now, I can count six.  There are more.


Do you know yours?

I bet you know some of them. They aren’t all romantic. Some are only around for a short time.  Others a lifetime it seems.

The proof for me that it is a soulmate connection: no matter how long it lasts, you are never the same afterward. In a great way. Even if the actual event was explosive!

One stretch of three months was the catalyst for the most transformational changes in my life, even if I never see or hear from this man again.  Its intense gratitude along with intense learning.

I used to fear this intensity… and now I crave it.  If you want to grow, there’s nothing like your karmic soulmates to bring out the best, the worst, the hidden and the expanded sense of you in you!  Love… and love more!!! xoxo Dana


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