Four Big Steps To Designing Your Dream Life!

Sep 15, 2014 | Creativity


Someone once told me I live in a vortex.  In a sense I do: I live in a universe fueled by the kind of energy that makes my life happen.  When I try to get into other people’s way of doing things, it just doesn’t work.  Over time I came to know my own energy patterns and this universe I made for myself is what makes me happen every day.

Its a very big fact that is easy to brush off because it sounds so New Age and weird, but every day we create our world.  On a small scale, see what happens to your job if you stop going to work or showing up for your days.  I bet they will ultimately stop existing!

On a grand scale, every single thing we see and experience is an act of creation that we allow every day.  The particles we see as color are only color as they interact with our brain.  The brain is only there because we feed it and we provide it with energy.  If you stop eating or start taking lots of drugs that destroy your brain, you dull your life and ultimately drain it of color.

Everything is a decision and everything is a creation.  This is not me saying so, this is physics and fact.  Given that we are actually so plastic in our construction and so creative in our lives, there are ways to create a world that really makes your own life happen.

Are you ready to have a universe that looks and feels much more like you at your best? 

over the rainbow

Writing in concrete feels very permanent, but it was a creative choice.  Words were integrated into the cement of the ground and they became a part of the walkway.  You can do the same with your every single day.

Personalize your environment. 

When I see spaces- especially offices- that have absolutely no personalization I feel that people are not really working in these spaces.  You can’t create well when you are disconnected.

The more of you you can see if your home, your office, your car, your schedule… this is what makes life powerful.

My life is all art, energy, nature, dogs, Buddhism and books at the moment.  Come to my house. It is a showcase of holistic remedies, sage, aromatherapy, puppies, jornals, books, art supplies and my altar to chant… all wrapped up in color and things that are shining and gold.  I used to live in very simple spaces with things I thought I should have: the requisite decor and the appropriate styling that was on trend.  My life was not my own.

Style your life your way and you have a huge power source in your environment.

Create habits that bring you the energy you need.

If you need to have espresso in the morning, get yourself a great espresso machine!  At a retreat with some of the most famous functional medicine doctors in the world, they all had a must on coffee.  Red wine, too!  Make sure you eat, and eat well.  Notice what foods give you energy and which ones make you tired.

Other energy-generating ideas to integrate: homeopathy, exercise, burning sage, meditation, yoga, energy healing like EFT (tapping), living with lots of color, music…

Clear away the stuff that haunts you or pulls your focus.

Clear your clutter!   Move or cover your TV unless it is a part of your creativity to watch it!

And… clear away draining thoughts!

Sometimes I get haunted by thoughts of a person or a situation that are distracting. When I have been wronged, I have a hard time lettting go of things.  Clearing those thoughts used to be a real issue for me.  My friend used to say “Cancel-Cancel!” to me when I would complain about certain things as a way of stopping me from indulging in negative, useless runination.  Now, I do it to myself!

Decide where you want your energy to go… and put your energy there.

Feng shui is all about directing energy where you need and want it to be.  If you have no focus, you will flounder.  Your energy will run away from you, no matter how much you have. You won’t be as clearly creating each day, but, rather, creating a fuzzy picture for each day.

Start each day with clear intentions.  What do you want to get done today?

If you can’t answer that immediately, it’s time to sit down and start envisioning, and actually planning the steps, of a lot of fun things in life that you want.

If you are designing a life worth living, the life that supports your intentions, that life that brings you power and excitement and all kinds of fun surprises, you have to actively participate in making it!   It isn’t wishing or hope that makes cool tings happen; everything happens by design.  Start designing more energy, more focus and more of your talent into your environment and you will suddenly find you have more of what you want.  It all builds from there!

And if you want to refine it further, grab my e-guide to feng shui and start using the practical magic of the feng shui process to unlock more of your own greatness and infuse it into your every day!

xoxo Dana


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