Kiwi Glow Face Mask!

Sep 15, 2014 | The Beautiful

kiwi face mask

Refreshed,  glowing skin in minutes.  That’s the kiwi wonder of the day that I miraculously happened upon and now can’t stop raving about!  While you may not have a kiwi hanging around the house, now, I bet, weekly you will! 

Wandering the Melrose Mart on Fairfax and Melrose in the 100 degree day that was Sunday in September, I started to feel a bit like a frog boiling in a pot. Slowly I was overheating, and my first saving grace was the fantastic Zugo Truck.  A tart mix of kale, lime and cucumbers freshly juiced and stored on ice helped me through the last leg of hunting and gathering the best of the city for the blog this week.

By the way… juice is glow food.  I don’t care if it is bottled orange juice or frozen berries whipped up in the blender with water and a touch of honey and mint, juice is a hydrating nutritional masterpiece.

Now, lets get into the  beauty discovery.  As I sampled some rich homemade sugar scrubs, their creatrix tapped me on the arm and said… ” You know why I am about to turn 50 and I don’t look it?”

I was curious. She really looked incredibly incredibly glowing.


Of course I wasn’t going to let her off that easy. She explained how she swore by a kiwi face mask. She explained how easy the mask was, and how incredible it made her skin feel.  Guess who came home with a kiwi yesterday?!

Twice through this luscious mask experience my skin is super fresh despite the fact that my body is melting in the heat!

kiwi face mask

Kiwi Glow Face Mask

  • 1 kiwi, peeled.
  • 1 heaping teaspoon of sugar (your choice of what kind, just use actual sugar!  ***if you want more of a scrub, add a lot more sugar.  I let the sugar acids do their work here!)
  • 1 tsp of olive oil, avocado oil or any other face oil you like. (*** trying this next with castor oil, my favorite!!!)

To make it: slice open the peeled kiwi and remove just the hard white strip of core.

Put everything in a bowl and mask it up until it becomes a glowing bowl of goodness.

Apply a teaspoon or so to clean, dry skin.  This will cover your face, but won’t “paint” on like a thick clay mask.

Leave it on for 10 minutes, or as long as you are comfortable with a gleam of kiwi on your face.  I have done this two mornings before starting the day, while having tea and doing my morning journal pages for about 20 minutes at a time. I could go longer, but this seems to be doing the exfoliating, hydrating trick!

Rinse it off and pat your face dry.  I have a ton from just one kiwi, so I plan to do it every day until I am done, stirring up the batch in my refrigerator before each application, and then re-make it , again and again.

Glowing brilliance!

xoxo Dana



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