Luscious Flower Stories By Margriet Smulders!

Sep 16, 2014 | Life With Art

margriet smulders

Tempests in flowers. That’s my kind of visual poetry.  Liquid, urgent, multicolored, sizzling and so intricate…

Today’s art’spiration by Margriet Smulders will inspire and thrill you! 

margriet smulders

Wild, florishing, dramatic and growing…

margriet smulders

These artworks are like journal prompts, shaking narratives free in my mind.

margriet smuldersThis one is entitled, ” Cherish Me.”  What a delicate dance, as is everything we likely should cherish but perhaps don’t at the moment.

margriet smulders

Liquid bliss.  The energy of flower petals actually infuses the water with their messages!  That’s the thinking behind flower essence healing. This perhaps accidental reference is the primal way we all come from water and move with water all day…?

margriet smulders

There is no lack of drama and so much intensity of color to saturate us in emotional tides.

margriet smulders

Its a huge potion, a secret broth, a space whirling and expressive…

Let flowers speak in your own home.  Bring them in, scatter them around… And layer on the art while you are at it.  Art tells stories.  Stories bring us to life!   You can explore much more of  Margriet Smulders dizzyingly brilliant art HERE. 

xoxo Dana



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