Three Ways To Get More Excited For Every Day!

Sep 16, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


I’ve been told that it is unrealistic to think that the typical morning should be greeted with excitement.


I totally disagree.

The people who caution me to be realistic tend to be very unhappy and unfulfilled.

I might add, these cynics who have told me that I am Utopian to think that days should be happy as a rule all tried to, at some point, syphon off my energy and happiness for themselves!

If you have nothing to look forward to, how could you possibly bring yourself in full to today?

So, my question is:

How excited are you for today?

If your answer was lukewarm to cold, here’s a little holistic juju and feng shui to get the day far more sizzling in excitement!


Natural abundance is everywhere.  There are amazing gifts you can find in any place you are.

In fact, prisoners of war have said that the key to their survival was to find a way to keep the excitement for life alive every day, even in their minds, so they didn’t fall prey to their captors.

We are starting in a much more fortunate place, and the idea is the same.  There are big feng shui ways that I help people tune into their potential, talent and the exciting dreams that have been languishing.  While I wish I could share every way I have helped people to allow themselves to jump-start exuberance, the key word to share here is…


First thing’s first. If you don’t allow yourself to do things that make you feel crazy-awesome-excited, who will?  We all imagine that people with exciting lives are greeted each morning by a fairy who annoints the day with blessings.

Guess what?


Lackluster lives only happen when we give up and stop making things feel great.  Ten years ago, I could barely get out of bed in the morning because I was faced with a world that did not at all look like anything I wanted.  I saw other people totally killing it with their art, their lives were full and exciting… and I decided that it was my “job” to tear myself apart and put myself back together again using self-help in the most brutal and punishing ways.   Not only did that plan of mine fail miserably, I loaded myself up with such self-hatred and shame and unworthiness that I wound up, in all my extreme striving, in the hospital for two weeks.  My body started attacking myself the same way that I was attacking myself.

From there, I found excitement in every day, even the small ways and the simpler days.

Want to be your own magic fairy?  These three big strategies never fail to bring me into excitement, especially when I’m struggling in some way:

Start learning something new.  My whole life is a lesson. I have walls of books, piles beside me, and more on the way.  At the moment, I am testing theories of energy medicine on myself, along with holistic cures, while I go through The Artist’s Way one more time with a vibrant group of all of you and study advanced Buddhist texts. I’ve got friends teaching me things, I learn from artists every week and I have friends that help me to stretch.  All this, and still I could do more every day.

It helps to respect your appetite for learning, as well as the way you learn.  You may be able to take a local photo class, start some video courses, order books or even just find yourself a mentor… but if you are learning things that fascinate you every day, I promise that you will become far more excited when your alarm rings in the morning.   You are worth the time, the energy and the investment.

Dive into fantasy and make one fantasy a reality.   If your fantasy is to live in Spain, start learning or perfecting your Spanish, gook somre Spanish food, explore design from Spain (my favorite) and yes, start planning your life there… even if it is a decade off from today.   My brilliant friend Kim Anami who is a sex and intimacy expert teaches that you don’t need to be in your perfect relationship to live with that intimacy and energy you dream about…today! And yes, it seems that in all cases, the more you indulge in your dreams right now the more they come to fruition right away!

Give yourself a magic hour…or more.   The days that I know I am going to the beach, the Korean spa or to a big art event (my three favorite forms of retreat in LA!) I am beyond excited for every moment.  I need a magic hour.  At home, that has become an energy bath and an hour of reading fun things or cooking an elaborate dinner or something that helps me to contact more of my own self.  I think we all need a magic hour, or even a magic 30 minutes if you can find it.  This isn’t a time for brutal exercise or any kind of over-exertion.  This is a time to become more “yin” or quiet, receptive, softer and cooler.  This is a time that you will not regret taking!

Now…are you ready to wake up excited tomorrow?!

xoxo Dana


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xoxo Dana



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  1. Jen G.

    I love your blog! I’ve been a casual taoist cultivator for almost 20 years, since my late teens in LA, and am an avid lover of art and design–you’re approach to life is right up my alley! Every visit I find myself inspired… Just wanted to say thanks for the great motivation every day.

    • danaclaudat

      you are so welcome Jen! thank you!!!!!


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