The Not-So-Secret Way To Become Truly Magnetic!

Sep 17, 2014 | Prosperity



Everyone wants to somewhat easily get what they want.

The old Law Of Attraction promises that if you get really super vibey and vibrate at the frequency of what you want that it will magically appear.  This “Law” is not that complete to me, not even when people “go deeper” and try to make it  a fool proof way to massively manifest what you want.

You are seeking something and trying to match its “vibe” to get it.  I have to say, its a whole lot easier to just feel good about yourself and go out and do the work than it is to make life into a sort of a magically metaphysical head game. Hope is not as compelling as actually living.

Visualization, meditation, clearing space = all brilliant.  Kinda faking and warping things to try to control the world is not as brilliant.

I am interested in real magnetism.  I bet you are, too.

Today started by comtemplating hunks of the “magnetic” pyrite mineral thought to magnetize money in gemstone lore.  The story I really like about this ore isn’t just the glittery “money magnetic” part.  That seems as fake as putting ducks in your bedroom to find your husband or wife. Its not even how pyrite feels to me when I see it.  What gets my about pyrite is that it feels and looks cool, solid  and magnificent and makes the world multiply in its reflection.

I think that golden greatness like pyrite is a prosperity stone because it inspires an expansive worldview. It motivates me to dream bigger and be cooler and stronger when I see it.  It doesn’t send out special waves to money and then open up your pockets to let it flow in…

Why did we ever want to think that a stone could do that, anyway?

Authentic magnetism— the feeling and knowing that you are an itegral part of life and you can create what you need—  is very different from charisma. If you’ve ever had the wool pulled over your eyes, been fleeced by a “wolf in sheeps clothing” or found yourself in shock over the seemingly-so-nice dynamo people you know who turn out to be not-quite-awesome, the distinction is a big one.  You may know many “charismatic” folks that seem to have such a huge dynamic of charisma about them, until you realize its not as all-good as it seemed.

It’s pretty funny that this mineral known as pyrite is also known as Fool’s Gold.

I prefer real gold.  And really magnetic living.

I want all of you to be as magnetic as you should be, as tapped into your greatness as you want to be, and as connected to your world as you can be in ways that feel fantastic.

Today’s feng shui about magnetism is all about authenticity. 


In my worldview, real magnetism, when I feel it radiating off of people, isn’t seeking to get, it is seeking to give.  Real power isn’t a want for control, it is a want to be responsible for much more.  Real prosperity isn’t collecting things or hoarding net worth, it is the exercise of self-worth and using the money you have to advance what you strongly feel will help the world and the people in your world.

If you want to be more magnetic, be more authentic.

Authentic:  adjective 1. not false or copied; genuine; real.

Boom. Its that easy.

It isn’t easy, though,  if you have built your world around all kinds of ways to hide out in life.

It isn’t easy if you are forcing yourself to do things that don’t feel right because you feel obliged to do them.

It isn’t easy when you copy other people instead of figuring out your own way.

It isn’t easy when you are unable to speak up and tell people what you feel.

And… it isn’t easy when you have charismatic soul-stealers (i.e., energy vampires!) in your life.

If you want to be more magnetic, make your life more real.

It doesn’t mean you will be at the “highest vibration” every moment of the day.  Nor do you have to fixate on what you want in the future. Its immensely great to have vision to focus your energy, but showing up right now for the day-  fully – is far more valuable than any kind of envisioning.

Yeah, just be you.

If you are not living the life you want to live right now, it may take some re-alignment, new decisions, new actions.

The good news is that when you are in that space where life actually looks and feels like you in all its perfect imperfection:

…your relationships will feel and look more true, and the wolves in sheeps clothing charismatic con-men and women will fade away (or explosively leave)

…your trust in your self to risk will be higher

…your moods will be more stable

…you will be excited to help and contribute because your life will matter to you far more than it ever did

…and you won’t feel squashed and small!

In the service of having a life you love where you can really give to your world, real magnetism is worth the effort. Clear space. Decide. Bring you to your life.

xoxo Dana



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  1. maggie

    I absolutely LOVE this post. It’s the kick in the pants I needed. I have been living, but not the exact life I would like to lead…hoping and positive thinking only get you so far. Action is needed!


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