Have You Become Addicted To Feeling Suppressed & Stressed?

Sep 18, 2014 | Sensory Goodness



I look at these little fur kids and that’s all I see.


I talk a lot about getting rid of clutter, toxic chemicals at home, lots of talk of poisonous ideas, vampire people… What I realized when these boys came rushing up at me for water with giant smiles is that purity is very rare and it is beyond gorgeous to see!

I’ve had to shake off a lot of hurt, hyper-materialism and ideas that squashed my mind in the last few weeks. I had run-ins with the very impure— the selfish, the self-serving, the power-junkies and the game-players.

I couldn’t believe how far it took me from balance in my life.  I didn’t sleep for weeks, I didn’t eat well for days, and I felt… toxic.

Have you been in that space where it feels like demons (for lack of a better word) have rattled your life?

I was.  And I have been so many times.  This time, though, I took the reigns and decided to get to the bottom of things. It started to feel like perhaps I was wanting to go through these cliff-dives into the dark side for some puzzling reason.

I burned lists of fantasy ideas that were not good for my spirit, I took baths in crystals and baking soda, I immersed myself in Buddhism, I started flower essence healing and Energy Medicine, I started The Artist’s Way book and a group one more time…I found myself sleeping again, feeling like myself again

But…. After purging so much toxic stuff, I found myself somehow empty. Where was that boiling sense of injustic to fight against?

Had I grown accustomed to being suppressed and stressed?

I think so.  I think its like a rush of adrenaline, a big war to win, a battle that gives life a familiar theme of “I will overcome this!”

Why did I feel I had to overcome things I was creating for myself? Why did I need big problems to excell in life?

I think we all can become used to some sort of self-squashing stress or oppression as we move through life. Some of us accept it and wither under the pressure because we can’t see a better way. Some use an enemy as motivation, and this is a slower way to destroy yourself but equally as horribly addictive.

I had been used to having an enemy to react against, used to having to fight a noble fight. I grew up as the ultimate outsider, underdog, the kid who comes from behind…  Being suppressed and squashed and fighting against it became a very bad habit.

Do you have these habits generating themselves in your life?

In its place, in this void,  I find myself reaching instictively for the pure.  Pure food, pure people, pure ideas, pure water, pure nature… Its crazy to me that we have to seek these things now, but to some degree we do.

What is wonderful: you can undo the habit of needing pressure and stress and horrible self-sacrifice in order to feel valuable.  You can also create far more and far better without negativity, drama and crazymaking people near you.


Do you have enough purity in your life?

Or… a better question:

Do you know how to find your own sense of purity?

Today, here are a few holistic ideas to capture more purity in every day.  After all, its one thing to detox and that is valuable when you are in chaos, but that is focusing on the toxic to some degree, you know?  Focusing on the pure is something rare, exceptional and Earth-shatteringly awesome.

Purity is far more motivating than fighting against an enemy, especially if the enemy is you!

Find more pure nature and connect. 

Nothing melts away the scrambled energy of confusion and malaise more than pure nature.  If you don’t have lots of Nature around you, find a favorite spot in a public park or even a community garden.  Almost no place on the planet is without some space that grows.  If it is too inconvenient, plant more plants.  Grow things.

Connect to Nature by talking to your plants, talk to your crystals, talk to your pets.  You will notice the difference.

THIS video is the most profound way to express the effect that we can have by cultivating the pure.

Fill your life with sensory greatness. 

Instead of needing pressure to motivate you, get motivated by music, by fragrance, by incredible textures in fabric.  Revamping my office chairs in silk made a world of difference in sitting down each day to create things.

Eat more pure food. 

Pure food = Pure energy.  Organic food is actually more nourishing, so mix it in as much as you can… but think more raw, more local produce, more un-GMO and more beautiful plates of even the simplest food.  I shredded multicolored carrots with a handful of seeds and an avocado to make what was the most beautiful salad I’ve had in ages last night.  This makes a world of difference in your life.

Quitting sugar- as addictive as cocaine (*or more addictive) will open up your world to far less stress and more of your own, authentic energy.

Create days that put you first, in a healthy way.

I get really weirded out when people misconstrue “I have to put myself first” as “I am entitled to being a selfish asshole.”  Seriously, you know those people, the ones who tout their values and yet really aren’t giving to the world, just taking for themselves?

Put yourself first my making the time to do the things that matter.  The more “you” you feel, minus the drama and chaos, the more you will get invited to play with the toxic avengers who want your energy.  Saying NO is a great way to put yourself first.  But… still say yes to helping others, to having compassion and doing what you can to make your community strong.

Identify your real purpose.

This is a big one, kids.  Your real purpose.

It can take a long time to put a finger on what that really is.  It took me a better part of a decade, trying the whole time to figure it out. The more I thought about it, the further it fled from me.  The more I moved toward things that made me feel whole and strong and self-expressed and away from things that made me feel like I had to sacrifice my soul to be a part of the situation, the faster I got to that place of knowing and living it.

Move toward what makes you feel strong and self-expressed.

Make sure you know you deserve an awesome life!

We all deserve awesome lives.

There’s a little mantra I learned that was developed in the early 1900’s by Emile Coue, a pharmacist with an interest in mind-body healing long before it was trendy.  His time-tested mantra to help people heal:

” Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better.”

Try to repeat it about 20 times out loud in the morning and the evening, and any time you feel like perhaps you don’t deserve good things.  You do deserve good things!  We all just have to get in the habit of accepting them rather than setting up life as an obstacle course for no good reason.

Purity. Its not Utopian, it’s very awesome and genuine and waiting for you…!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Anna

    Another amazing post and office chairs in silk sounds so lush! I love the switch from thinking about ‘detoxing’ to focusing on purity. I recognise similar habits of depending on last minute pressure even though I hated it, that rush of adrenaline and anxiety was so (un)comfortingly familiar. I think society often nurtures the idea that unless something is stressful, it is not valuable but I am starting to switch that reflex off. I am glad you are feeling balanced again and thanks for the tips. x


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