The Trailblazing Way To Realize Your Own Potential!

Sep 18, 2014 | Creativity

joseph campbell


Joseph Campbell, myth expert and creative genius most famous for encouraging the world to “follow their bliss”, has such cool perspecive because his lens on life is created through history.  Historically, the world was created by trailbrazing, literally, blazing trails through undeveloped land and creating civilization.

I have never met a single person that has everything figured out.  You can play it safe with your career path, but there’s no guarantee that the job you have won’t go away. There are no guarantees that safe bets on romance, on family, on health, on life are the right ones because they are commonly thought to be safe.

What would happen if you started doing more things in your way, in a way that made you feel awesome and alive, stronger and healthier and more awake? Do you think the world would reward you for following your bliss?

That’s a big question. As I sit here and type and realize that the only things that happen in my life are things that I create, as I realize I don’t know for certain what comes next and as I watch my puppies sleep on the sofa in front of me while I look at a calendar filling with stuff that makes me excited… I have to say, I think that maybe  going your own way is more of the way that works.  Even in small ways you can make your life your way, and from where I sit I can say it is well worth it to move toward that excitement and energy!  xoxo Dana


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