A Touch Of Gold Is Enchanting!

Sep 19, 2014 | Home Style

gold accessories


It doesn’t take much goldto light up a room.  Gold trim, golden accessories, gold paint, gilt art… it is all very simple to make and to fold into spaces. Gold adds the sunny, warm and charming to a space. It is forever a metallic of prosperity, no matter where you use it in your home.

My own home is filled with golden mirrors, hold accessories, gold art, gold trinkets, golden chairs… the gold is everywhere, and it is my own version of lightening up  my very wood-heavy space.  Add gold and everything feels… floaty and rich and fabulous.

Here’s some gold trimmed decor to get your mind revved up with the glitzy and inspired!  

golden pineapple


The simple act of gold spray paint in white pottery = golden incredibleness.

gold accessories


Such a favorite room that leans heavily on the gold to bring it to sparkle and freshness.

gold accessories


What a difference some gold trim and golden accessories can make, right?

golden art


Always a fan of gilt art, every time I paint I have my tubes of gold on hand!

gold dresser


 And see how even the most wispy trim in shining gold can take the drab and typical and lift it to the stirring, energized and memorably fantastic?

You can try: Rustoleum Metallic gold spraypaint (the best! what i am using to re-spray my dining room chairs this month!), gold leaf sheets to make art , liquid gold leaf, gold paints like the line from Martha Stewart… Just a little gold will do the job of splashing up a room in style!  Plus, its one of my favorite feng shui prosperity tips, ever!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Mary Childers

    Love these golden tips!


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