Design Your Happiness Right Now!

Sep 19, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

design your happiness

When a guru of success makes a statement like this, I smile… because the late Jim Rohn, godfather of self-empowering motivation, used the word “design” to describe happiness.  What a very advanced idea!

You know how I feel about design. Its all of life.  Its what makes us great. Design is everything from your calendar to your clothes, your mindset to your home.  It is all design.  And when it all integrates- from home to schedule to life to friends to art to thought- its the best thing ever.

If you haven’t started your own feng shui yet, my e-guide to feng shui can walk you through the step-by-step to making your home more fluffed up and fabulous using much of what you already have at home.  Typically we have most of what we need to do most anything… but the design, strategy, the what & how blueprint is where everyone gets a bit lost.  Myself, included.  Design is a part of every day in my house!

Happiness by design is very do-able.  Let yourself have it. Lots of it!  xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    How did I not know you had an e-book for feng shui? This is happening next paycheck.


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