Fresh Feng Shui Ways To Focus Your Energy

Sep 19, 2014 | Prosperity

crystal pyramid

The once-spooky-to-me crystal pyramid (you know, they have sort of an occult vibe I was never quite sure about) is now a favorite of mine for the way it can really focus a room. Of course, when I had a weird association with these pyramids, I couldn’t bare the sight of them.

That’s the interesting part of focus… it isn’t one-size-fits-all.

The other part of focus that trips up even the most savvy : it can be hard to know what exactly to focus on to get something done.

If you are floundering and waiting for a vacation, overwhelmed and not really clear what to do with your time, here are a few fresh ways to get focused that, when they grab your attention, can be the thing that turns your world from fuzzy to crystal clear!


Bromeliads intrigue me, and, as such plants of drama and prehistoric mystery, they help me to focus.

Adding something compelling to your work space, preferably something delightful and colorful, can remind you that what you are focused on is exciting.  In feng shui, you should sit in a powerful place, and that place becomes more powerful with a personal point of identification that really speaks to what you are creating.  For example: since I value the thriving, uniquely beautiful and somewhat old-fashioned, the bromeliad is a focus plant better than all others for my own giant work table.

Big objects help you to focus more profoundly if you have a lot going on in your life.  Almost always, the bigger the object the more it adds energy to a room… and to your life.  Big crystals, big plants, big fountains… these are all much more powerful than the small, partucularly if your attention span is low.

A big list is a focus magnet. I’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating: nearly everyone who wants to get a lot done should have a big list detailing what exactly needs to get done and some steps that are clear to actually do it.  Include the things that pull your focus away from what you need to create, like the bills that need to be paid, the long overdue calls you have to return, the thank you notes to send.  It is far easier to focus when you turn your mind inside out and dump your “to-do’s” of every kind onto paper.

Now… are you focused on something exciting? 

The killer part of creating things with the passion of a lazer beam is finding something personal in your work. This video really says it all in terms of finding your way “in” to connecting with all that you do, no matter how mundane your tasks may seem right now.

Your focus is personal.  Whatever fills your mind is whatever you are creating, so the more of the day you can anchor in the present and on the tasks at hand, even the art-making at hand, the more you will fill your mind with what you want…and see it getting done with much more ease.   This is a broad topic, but when… ahem… focused… you won’t be struggling to figure out what to do next!

xoxo Dana

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