A Feng Shui Idea To Create A Utopia That Is Magnetic!

Sep 23, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

lush retreat


If you want people to stick around on your patio, in your tree fort (!) or in your living room, this is a bit of feng shui to get you thinking with the geometry of equality and stability to create a Utopian hide-away in your home! 

square seating

Squares are special.  I consider them to be Utopian pieces of a rarefied world because they have equal sides and, thus, they promote the equality of everyone in a space. Squares make you feel calm and balanced.

Squares are rare.  We rarely see them in life, I feel, because we are a culture obsessed with change.  Squares happen to be the shape that makes you want to sit down and stay for a while, not a shape that many people embrace these days when they are looking for the next-big-thing.    That’s another reason why they are Utopian. They create a space where stability is tangible and the oment, right now, is perfect and present.

To create more of a Utopua in your home where people feel like they are one and can be on calm, easy, even ground, add squares.  Square seating is a design challenge for many to accomplish though it is wonderfully powerful.  Square rugs, square tables and even square art can bring you more of this energy without customizing your furniture.

Think of the ideal: a place to go where we all are one and we all are equal and we all embrace the right now.  That’s the power of a square.  Use it to make your home-retreat feel more like a safe nest.  xoxo Dana



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