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Sep 23, 2014 | Creativity

dana claudat

Each color has its own spectrum of vibration.  Color heals, and this is scientific fact. Color is like a drug for many, alleviating depression, creating ecstasy. For people like me, color adds layers of giddy joy to life.

Yesterday, I teamed up with a genius photographer- Laura Grier– to rewrite the story of The Tao of Dana and lots of the visuals you see on the blog… all in full color. Full Dana-style color. We ran into glamorous bathrooms, found rich walls to pair with crazy-amazing dresses and hit the pastel colored ocean at sunset, running through the waves. The most incredible part of the experience, layered atop Laura’s bad-ass-ness, was our shared love for empowered color. The more color we ran through, the happier we were.

Color is power when we interact with it.Deep color promotes deep feeling, deep living and vibrant change. While we all can’t be in an emerald green bathroom all day, soaking in the greatness of that heart-opening color love, more color is always available if you need it.

Color isn’t always enough. Sometimes color needs a kick in the pants to really bring the rain of change and rush of joy into your life. That said, I want to share with you many easy ways to specifically empower and enrich your life with color, starting with few fun ideas to add energized color (as in color + extra energy for va-voom!) to your days!!! 

Let’s start with a little “color school” for the day so you can use color with purpose.

First, if you are new to the idea of specific color creating specific changes in your life, a good place to start is this very basic post on Feng Shui color meanings.

After you read it, think about what your favorite colors are and add them to your life first. Color preferences are both culturally-biased and also very powerful pulls on our life.  You can read much more here on the origin of our color preferences.

And… make sure some color you place around you is super-saturated. Saturated colors provoke an emotional response from people. They are the more pure versions of themselves, undistilled and designed to heighten experience. Saturated colors also command action. Think about it, would a pastel sign cause you to react or would that require red?

Now, when you are looking to really empower color, its much more then just painting a wall or tossing on a dress. Empowered color has a bit of energy mixed in that is extra-special and heightened. There are three ways to take some color and elevate it to the extraordinary.

1. Add mirrors to color to turn up the volume: First, and easy to see in the image snapped by the brilliant Laura Grier, when you add a mirror to deep color, you set it on fire in a wild, vibrating way! The mirrors make the color radiate through the room, so enchanting.


2. Crystals and minerals with rich color have an added layer of vibrational greatness to them. While I think the first reason to reach for crystals should be that you are magnetically attracted to them on an energetic level so that you’d reach toward them even with your eyes closed (*my best way to select crystals), the next reason is that their color is off-the-charts incredible and brings that symbolic power and added colorized waves to space.


3. Plants with natural wild color are impossible to ignore!  While flowers are a brilliant way to add temporary color, actual vibrant plants like the bromeliads I am bringing back today for their exotic, saturated color and lush greenery are exceptional color/energy boosters. Not only do you get the huge hit of color, you get the massive feeling of growth and natural abundance that comes from all rooted, thriving plants!

blueberry smoothie

4.  ;Even the juice you drink this morning infuses your life with its color power!   Not only do you get the vibrant cellular energy of what you are eating and drinking, you also get a big dose of color! When I’m sluggish, I reach for berries and more bright berries and mix them with more bright berries to create red and purple smoothies. When I need a hit of power to open up my heart-centered energy, its a kale or collard smoothie day. Creativity has me buying OJ and fruit punches that are tropically color colored, stimulating the creative and sexy energy center of your body known as the second chakra.  

Color power. Color empowerment. Its big stuff. I can’t write without my deep-orange mug these days. Visual cues of color can move up through the day. Embrace it, use it, infuse your life with more and more of it… and find your ways to double-dose power with extra energy for added kick. This is the stuff that will create big change in simple ways!!!   xoxo Dana

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