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Sep 29, 2014 | Uncategorized

dont make money your goal


I saw something crazy today.

A woman leader of “female entrepreneurs” posted an article on Facebook with a commentary about how George Clooney “married up” because he finally was done with models and cocktail waitresses and female wrestlers.  Totally disgusting.

People who are in the midst of pursuing what they love have to do all sorts of jobs in the meantime, quite often, to get there.

Don’t let the public shaming of people like this make you think that whatever you do to pursue your dreams makes you less than anyone else.

I might add, I loved being a cocktail waitress (so much fun! and I was so good at it!) and models I know are changing the world.  While I’ve never been a female wrestler, I am pretty sure Stacy Kiebler is enormously accomplished in that arena.  But yet, a lawyer is looked at as “more valuable” by this discourse.  And in this way, we hear that some jobs are better than others.  Some people more valuable than others.

One of the big reasons that alot of people I know don’t dare to follow their dreams is because of money.

Fear of not having money.  Fear of what would need to be done to make money.

When I quit my last day job I told the very heartless man I worked for that I had reached a point where I would rather forage for food in the streets than subject myself to terrible treatment and wasting my life.  I needed to do what I loved.  I knew that I would be willing to do lots of hustling freelance jobs (including many of the above listed by this woman as apparently less noble than being a lawyer) to make it work if I had to… And I knew that I hit my own tipping point.  I don’t judge anyone with any job.  And I don’t care about being judged.

From there, the world opened up.

Back to this Facebook post: this female entrepeneur “leader” by the way, decided to post about how much she loved the response of all the people who were offended and outraged by her post.  What was most fascinating is that she said that people’s responses of outrage were are reflection of their own “programming” and their issues and that it was meant to be a humorous post.  If you ever want to see where self-help and guru culture turn black it is at this moment when someone can’t apologize and be conscious, but rather flips their horrendous shaming of others back upon the people being shamed.

Of course, I would love to mention her name but why give her more press, you know?!

Be your own guru.  Don’t worry about what people think or say.  Do you.  Do what you love.  Work at it.  And stay far away from people who value others based on their resume.  Your value is in how much your love your life and how you affect others in positive ways.  xoxo Dana


  1. Marilyn Mandel

    I don’t know you, but I love the way you express yourself.
    I’m all over it… Shaming is what got us in this mess to begin with.
    Time to shed the shackles!

  2. Annie

    Bravo, Dana. After my snobby ex (the doctor) found out that I struggled in high school so much that I dropped out after my parents divorce he said to me (the massage therapist with a Master’s degree, by the way), “Imagine what you could have become.” – as if what we do matters more than who we are, or that who I was wasn’t good enough. At the time that comment hit me in the stomach like a brick, but it showed me who he was. Glad I listened. Love your work, Dana! Thanks again.


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