Louise Zhang And The Deep Things You Can Say With Sweetness!

Sep 29, 2014 | Life With Art

louise zhang

Louise Zhang takes the whispering pastel and uses it as a sword.

You know that old expression, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”?  This is how I feel about her candy-colored work that emotes like a fascinating lab experiment.

You  feel so welcomed into the world of pinks and lilac, powder blue and coral.  Suddenly, you find yourself in the middle of something much deeper, much more profound.  The swirling, melting, sifting and shaking bring far more to light as you calmly contemplate this art.

Today’s art inspiration is all about the power of softness, the disarming ways that light and airy can communicate complexity.  You don’t have to paint walls bright red and wear primary colors to be arrestingly powerful.  This art is so thrilling!

louise zhang

The circle. It is a shape you can’t help but look at as it captures the eye.  Within her circles, whole universes explode.

louise zhang

The blob. The basic building block of this art is a sort of mass of stuff that looks like my thoughts in the late afternoon.  Amorphous. melting, moving inside, somewhat laquered in preciousness.

louise zhang

The flattened blob becomes something more in those powerful circles of art.

louise zhang

The gorgeous super-flat is a dreamscape, but yet it takes you on a ride.  I think of these as meditations.

louise zhang

PLOMP. My first introduction to Louise Zhang, these bottles are each an ecosystem, each with a personality and a note of music that seems to shine and echo off of every one.

louise zhang

More simple, this is like the start of time in a world of color.

louise zhang

Transparency. Its a big theme in life right now- layers, transparency, light, honesty.  This see-through work seems to emerge, like ideas. Like art.  Like every day from when you first wake up and start pulling together your world moment-by-moment.

Live with more art.  It always shows you new ways to approach life.  Here, you don’t need to be loud to make a grand statement.  its the yin (quiet) power of magnetism at it’s finest.

You can see more of Louise Zhang’s work right HERE.  It is beyond-brilliant, all of it.

Do you find themes in art that wake up your life? Do you experience enough art in your days? Leave a comment or drop me a note and let’s talk about it.  This is live-evolving stuff.  xoxo Dana



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