Lucky Pumpkins For A Fall Filled With Prosperity!

Sep 29, 2014 | Prosperity

lucky pumpkins

Fact: my entranceway is about to become a pumpkin patch.

The healthy, wealthy energy of pumpkin is a bit of Fall magic.  Here are just a few ways to use pumpkin to naturally super-charge your Fall field of abundance!

Pumpkins are becoming my foyer display: some painted, some ‘on deck” to become pie, some for carving… some just to simply be there and look glamorous.  These “Fairy Tale” pumpkins are especially ripe for a display door side.  They are lusciously colored, robust and plump with smooth skin and a sort of healthy glow you expect from Fall.

SL10443-3pumpkinPumpkins are thought to be lucky charms in some traditional schools of feng shui. There are even cheapie little pumpkin-shaped boxes that you can stuff with wishes to help make them come true.  To know me is to know that I think this is not what I practice because it’s disempowering. Lucky charms operate by taking power away from you and investing that power into superstitious objects.

That said, I do feel for many very real reasons that pumpkins are abundant.  To me, they are a culturally embedded symbol of abundance, a cornerstone of the folklore of the Thanksgiving feast.

Pumpkins are largely bright orange, the color associated most deeply with the second chakra, the energy center that governs creativity and abundance.  Energy healers actually attribute colors to the second chakra that encompass all colors of the spectrum of  available pumpkins and gourds.

These colors, added in many multiples (think: many pumpkins, a display of pumpkins, a pumpkin art installation) light up your life as they fill your home with Fall.

paleo pumpkin ice cream

Plus, pumpkins are a grounding food.  My favorite pumpkin thing to eat is my now somewhat legendary Paleo pumpkin ice cream.  Pumpkin can be deeded, cubed, peeled and thrown into soups.  You can peel and cube it and toss it in olive oil with some seasoning and roast it in a 375- 400 degree oven to really feel the rooting, prosperous energy of Fall feasts.

So… don’t walk past that pumpkin display in the supermarket or the holiday pumpkin patch in your hometown. Bring friends and haul in pumpkins by the handful.  This is the kind of abundance that makes the season super-bright and gives Fall its affluent harvest reputation!

xoxo Dana

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