10 Ways To Detox Your Life Right Now!

Sep 30, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

life detox

These 1o basics to detoxing the static from your life can help you create more flow… and flow is what creates health, happiness, creativity, love, prosperity and LIFE itself!!!

I just re-designed the FREE  5-Part Life Detox Jump Start Course. If you have not done it yet, HERE is where you can get started!

It’s wildly important to have less stress and less negativity.  For each one of us who can detox a bit more, the world becomes lighter.  It is an honor and a thrill to share all the methods, ideas and tools I can to help all of you  to live brighter, with so much more freedom and joy!

xoxo Dana

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  1. maggie

    LOVE this! I am going to make some art (in the form of candles) and do some meditation tonight.



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