Sinking Into Nature At Home!

Oct 1, 2014 | Home Style

nature at home


Nature heals your life.  This is not my personal philosophy.  Thousands of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine, worldwide cultural healing rituals and yes, a great deal of new science (*you can see lots of it here)  supports this very vital power streaming from Nature.

While it would seem intuitive to want to live with lots of Nature, modern life isn’t all rooted in basic instincts.  The farther we move from the natural, the more challenged we are to connect to life, to feel energized… or to even feel peace.

Today’s design inspiration sinks deep into the natural.  I hope it sparks a few ideas of your own to get energized and revitalized with wood, stone, clay, and, yes, loads of living plants!!!

nature at home

(michaela scherrer)

I spent a ton of time this Summer in Boulder in a house that, not much unlike this, brought the outside to the inside.  I am convinced that without this house and the abundance of very pristine nature everywhere I turned that all of this travel would have lacked its indelible attractiveness and refreshment.  In fact, I felt my energy drop when I would walk into town, and it would rise when I sat by the creek that ran through the yard.

Can you find more nearby nature? A place to read a book, to take a walk, to even take a nap?

nature at home


As I sadly had my little pea plant go kaput on me do to the 100+ degree heatwave that just passed, I can tell you that my home is dramatically not as alive without lush hanging plant tendrils.  I’m off to get more this afternoon! Hanging plants bring life to space in string verticals.  Enbrace them.

nature at home


More hanging plants, almost mystically dangling… This is riveting idoor/outdoor living!

nature at home

( Real Living)

And yes, you can find very fun ways to display greenery!  Inside crates, on top of benches, in window baskets… create a whole art installation of nature and for very little investment  I guarantee you that your house will be the most unforgettable of all yhtat you know!!!

I wonder if you feel like you have enough Nature in your life right now?  Until I really immersed I didn’t realize how much I was missing!  Go for it: sink in!  xoxo Dana



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  1. Rebecca_FeltBallRug

    I love this post because I am in complete agreement with you on the importance of nature. I have been living in Madrid for about a year now and was in NYC before that, but I got to spend a decent amount of time at my parents house in the country this summer and it made me realize how important nature really was to me. Somehow it helps me stay balanced and at peace. I love living in cities for what they have to offer, but making sure that their is nature in my life frequently is very important!


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