The Embroidered Mythology Of Michelle Kingdom!

Oct 4, 2014 | Life With Art

michelle kingdom, embroidered art Craft.  If you consider craft to be the black sheep of “real art” think again. Craft is the viceral, the hand-hewn and, as we are about to see… craft can be the most disarming form of expression.

Michelle Kingdom “paints” in thread.  Her embroidery is beyond belief.  The nuances, the movement, the detail, the storytelling…

I happened upon it at on an art blog,  and now I can’t get enough of the myth, legend and personal truth she packs into every small, intricate artwork.  This work is not only a universe onto itself, it can help you re-think your own approach to hobbies… claiming mediums like clay, string, yarn, ribbon, paper and elevating them to new heights! 

michelle kingdom, embroidered art Spooky symbolism mixed with childhood innocence. This reminds me of how I used to play with Ouija boards at my neighbor Karen’s house when we were really little.

michelle kingdom, embroidered art

Total sea-scape majesty. Its like the stitches become liquid, pouring…

michelle kingdom, embroidered art

Expressive yarn. How incredible to capture the face of a dreamer down to the last detail of a slipper.

michelle kingdom, embroidered art

This refines the idea of the “energetic cords” that can bind us together.

michelle kingdom, embroidered art And this takes that concept to the next level, as two people are bound together by nature in faceless generality.

Something awesome happens when you couch difficult themes in spools of glossy thread: suddenly you can face ideas too confronting and unsettling to see perhaps in photographs or even read in words.

Use craft to work out your life concerns.  Play with more hobbies and personalize your work. Watch your own mythologies come to life.

And dive in to more of Michelle Kingdom’s work right HERE.   xoxo Dana




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