Try Planting Your Home Garden In Some Furniture!!!

Oct 6, 2014 | Home Style

plant holder furniture


I love seeing transformation: old becoming new, unexpected solutions, design transformations, repurposing.  Not everyone is a craft maven, I know. But everyone can be crafty!

Today I pulled together some of the coolest ways I’ve found to use old furniture as planters for lots of greenery and flowers all with no intense crafti-maven skills involved.   Not only will you save tons of money on flower pots that look the same as all other flower pots, your most memorable home will emerge as you reinvent space in unstoppably cool- and also quite eco-chic- ways! 

furniture to hold plants

A twist on the idea of a flower bed!

plant holder birdcage

I loathe empty bircages in homes- they remind me of waiting prisons.  But here, this transformation is stunning!

planter in old furniture


I just adore the unexpected here, particularly the way that the unexpected load of greenergy makes this old piece of furniture look new and clever!

mixing plants into home


When you put vines or other plants in unexpected places in our home, you integrate nature in your own vocabulary! So here, your shelves of dishes or open cabinets serve as a planter as well as a shelf!

crate plants


Crate styling.  Always an easy one if you can find some old crates at a thrift store!

vintage tub


My favorite creative design collaboration with a client involved a clawfoot tub herb garden.  It’s been on my mind ever since… The scret wish I have for my own doorway is to find a vintage tub to haul up and fill with trees.  It can most certainly happen.  Time to hit the big flea markets to find a vintage tub… and people to haul it for me!

Are you ready to have more plants sprouting up everywhere now?!



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