Exploring Earth Tones To Create More Calm At Home!

Oct 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

brick wall


Earth tones are often mistaken for miserably boring.  While it seems that color-loving, kaleidoscopes and even neon get favored in my designing life, this isn’t wholly true.  Neutrals are powerfully present, calm and Earth-centric.  If you embrace the spectrum of Earth tones and use them lavishly in rooms that need calm (*bedrooms and bathrooms most certainly, but many other rooms, too!) you will be delighted by the feeling of Zen-out peace that ensues!  

earth tones


A little inspiration board of earthy makes me long for a bowl of yarn to pluck from, to create from, to keep on a coffee table this Fall and Winter!

earth tone office

One place that earthy colors tend to get neglected is the office.  While I am a huge proponent of creative offices that are vibrant, if you have a hard time settling down to work, or your business seems to be unstable (too much of a roller coaster) adding some earth is affirmative for you and all your endeavors!  Earth creates stability and that feels good!

earth tone bracelet


Explore ways to add a bit of Earth to your wardrobe, especially organic fabrics, crystals and other raw, natural materials.

earth tone livingroom

(Ralph Lauren)

This somewhat vintage image explores the soft and exciting version of Earth tones, where the natural meets the exotic on safari.

neutral dining room

(justina blakeney featuring her sister faith’s design work: yes!)

Here, the neutral and earthy get more clay and desert feeling, yet still incredibly grounded and calm.

fantasy earth tone lounge


And to wrap up today’s exploration of Earth, here’s a fantasy example: a lounge filled with organic and neutral bliss. You can take so many ideas away from this space: sissal  and flax rugs, simple curtains (I have similar ones all around me right now!), a wash of beige pillows in different shapes and sizes, concerete floors in ceramic shades…

Pretty dreamy.  Nothing too commonplace.  Certainly not the Earth-toned nightmare some of us imagine when we think of going neutral in decor!

Earth: calm, creative and the mother of all elemental goodness.  We are products of the Earth.  This is in our nature.  Embrace it!

xoxo Dana



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