Very Simple High-Vibe Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray!

Oct 7, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

yoga spray

My new routine of hot yoga has come with many challenges: how to keep up with laundry (*this spray comes in handy), how to stay hydrated (drink moreall day BEFORE class rather than during)  and the big one: how to clean my yoga mat!?

I’ve always been baffled by cleaning my yoga mat, and fall back on dumping it in water with castile soap.  This is a mess and a pain!  Finally I found a solution that is doable daily!  This little 3-ingredient spray will both stock your holistic cabinet with killer essential oils and will brighten your yoga routine all at once. 

Hot Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

  • 20 drops super-excellent quality lavender essential oil *
  • 40 drops super-excellent quality organic tea trea oil *
  • 2 cups of water

Mix all together in a spray bottle.  Shake and spray on one side of your mat.  Let it sit a minute and wipe with a cloth.  Flip over once one side is dry and do the other.   Not only will this get the yuck smell out of your mat, it is antibacterial and amazing to feel and smell.

I recommend Young Living Essential oils or Verididas Botanicals.  Both I can “feel” in the bottle.  This makes a huge difference in their effects!

PS: I also spray this on non-special yoga clothes that get soaked in class before I get them home to wash, especially if they will be hanging out for a day.  *(I would NOT do this on your favorite expensive yoga gear as the oils may stain or damage fabric. But I do it on my everyday yoga stuff!)

Sneaking in some higher vibrations and sensory goodness makes every experience throughout the day a lot more memorable!

Bonus: Now that you have high-vibe lavender oil there are so many things you can do with it!  HERE are a bunch. And more to come soon on using tea tree oil!

Do you have a trick to cleaning your yoga mat? I have seen everything from half a lemon to baking soda and vinegar used… and this one is the most radiant to me… but I’m open to more,  always! xoxo Dana



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