Give More & Really Be Of Service!

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Be of service and brilliant things happen.  Focus on giving.  And giving.  And giving.

I’ve been in that place of working for people I disliked so much that the thought of giving to them or helping them seems so unjust…. Give anyway!   And I bet you will find a new place to work while you do!

It seems that things only crumble when you stop giving and start focusing in on what you aren’t getting.

Sometimes its a sign you need to make a move, you know.  Its just too unbearable to give to people who are ungrateful after a while.

Often its just bad habits creeping in, at least it’s been that way for me.  Laziness, entitlement, unhappiness, boredom.

Give all you can, away.

Karmic goodness thoughts for the day! xoxo Dana


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  1. Katie

    When I first found out that I could get a scholarship to cover my Neuro Feedback sessions I just filled out the scholarship information. I thought about it and after I went to the seminar I just talked about it a ton and tweeted their tweeter link all of the time and commented on their facebook page. did everything I could to help them in.. it usually takes a week for them to approve the scholarship. It took them two days!!


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