My Love Affair With Spanish Curated Design Continues!

Oct 8, 2014 | Home Style

ad espana

One thing is abundantly clear to me: I am living in Spain at some point in the near future.  Or taking long trips. Or working there.  I don’t know, but there’s something rich and magetic here.

The only clear things about Spain and why I love it so much: passion, perfect architecture if ever there was such a thing, design brilliance, artful rapture and stunning color and design.  Spain is art.

And this design- all plucked lovingly from AD Espana–  is more of why Spain is on my mind. So many ideas, so much incredible curation… Get ready to be lifted to new heights of possibility for space with high art and style! 

ad espana

Whimsy X 2000.

natural yet so designed.

Natural, simple, not even great feng shui how this table is sort of stuffed in here, but it works!!!

colorful living room

Stacking and stacking inspiration.  The oval coffee table is so key here in maintaining flow…

ad espana

That light.  It makes everything.


Like a hut on Gilligan’s Island and the best design you’ve ever seen, all combined!

Ah… so muc gorgeous!!!

If you’ve gotten into a rut of “the way things should be”, some  stretching outside the limits of what you know can bring expansive and endless possibility!  Watch foreign films, go to museums, visit new cities in your own country, tour architecture…  Learn a new language!  Go wider and the love affairs you find with the new and the exotic becomes a part of your new life! xoxo Dana



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  1. Alice

    Those glass lights in the top photo strung together like a chemical molecule… Heart eyes for days!!!


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