Crystal Healing 101!

Oct 9, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

crystal healing

I may have spend an inordinate amount of time this Summer in crystal shopping: the local markets, the more museum-quality stores, trips to Boulder literally immersed in gemstone stores everywhere, and then there were the crystals in homes, crystals for clients…

I am pretty much non-woo-woo.  But I happen to find myself naturally drawn to these minerals and gems, and other people do, too!

Here’s my little 101 crash-course in crystal shopping, crystal using and even crystal healing.  

crystal healing

For the skeptics: Look at all these stories on the chart above: stories of protection, stories of fearlessness, stories of triumph…

This is a beautiful thing. These are the stories attributed to different stones in metaphysical lore. There are thousands of these stories.

Whether or not you believe that crystals can actually heal anyone of anything, the power of stories is undeniable. In a world filled with many ways to escape that are deeply poisonous to life (drinking, drugs, sex addiction, even video games and other stuff), I see nothing wrong with an escape into the stories of gemstones. Do you?!


The Placebo Effect is a real thing.

THIS compelling science will help you see the very deep ways that believing in a cure can empower that cure to work for you.

Why is that a bad thing?

And… since there have not been scientific studies on “gemstone healing” I don’t think its fair to outright say it is a sham… but even if it is just a “placebo effect” at work, if it works, that’s wonderful!

When picking gemstones: If you love it, it is the right one for you. 

Seriously. This is simple. Everyone I know who loves crystals says that they just “know” which ones to buy and which one to keep close. I agree. Its a very intuitive process! It is really easy. You will feel what you like!

Place stones in your home where they feel strongest.

Yet another no-brainer activity.  (I told you, this was really basic…!)

Yes, there are specific places I have certain clients place gemstones, but largely they should go where they feel the best, even if it is unusual. Bathrooms, inside sinks, closets, pantries… I have put crystals in all kinds of places that feel right!

Some say to put white quartz points in the four corners of your apartment or overall properly of a home. If that intrigues you, go for it!

Recharge them.

Sun and moon energy are thought to replenish crystals of their energy when they get “drained”. I like salt and sage to replenish them, too!

To recharge crystals in the sun, just lay them out under the sun. I do it for a full day and night, particularly on the full moon to get maximum sun and moon energy. If you have no outdoor space, you can run them through some smoke from burning sage wands to clean them or… burry them in sea salt for a while.

If you need extra reinforcement, wear them.

I’ve had purses filled with little tumbled stones, I’ve made necklaces to put my favorite stones around my neck… I like them “on me” sometimes, especially to serve as a beautiful reminder of an intention. you know how people tie a string around their finger or their wrist as a reminder? That’s how I see it. It’s a beautiful reminder to have these stones around.

Gemstones do not replace medicine when medicine is needed! 

Enough said. This is not a replacement for Western medicine or even Eastern medicine. This is complimentary. This is extra. Be smart.

And enjoy them. I love making patterns and mandalas with crystals, laying them on tabletops and counters and in baths (*non-water-soluble stones) and even white quartz in my water bottle! You can meditate with crystals, line them under your bed to make cool “energy” beds, use them for decor… bookends… art… the list goes on and on…

Gorgeous fun… and maybe a big boost to your expanded life, too?!

Do you love crystals? What do you do with them? Do you have a “success story” from your stones? Please share below! This is a conversation that will take science a very long time to weigh in on!



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  1. Manuela

    Hello Dana, Yes I love crystals! My son has a selenite in his bed, and he has been sleeping so well. There was a difficult conversation when I was holding a piece of rose quartz in my hand. It was a really loving conversation. I get the impression that the stones and crystals are such loving helpers to us. We have a large shelf in the center of the house with crystals and stones.



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