Have You Tried Every Single Way To Manifest Something And It Just Isn’t Working?

Oct 9, 2014 | Sensory Goodness



I am so impressed as well as perplexed by the now hundreds- many even thousands- of ways to “manifest” a dream or “magnetize” what you need.  It’s The Law Of Attraction. It’s The Secret.  

And it can be so helpful… if you don’t lean to heavily on it!

Think about it: if you are even slightly versed in the New Age world of  “manifestation”  there’s a vast array of homeopathy, meditation, visualization, healing modalities that span a spectrum from acupuncture to neural therapy, EFT, aromatherapy, kundalini… Nutrition, herbs, vitamins, breathing exercises, energy medicine, magnetic therapy… I can list about a hundred off the top of my head of these very wild cures for everything that range from healing crystals to actual magic spells.

You may not even know what half the things are that I mentioned.  You may have tried each and every one of them and still come up empty-handed.

Why is it that sometimes you can try so many things and nothing happens to “manifest” what you are looking for?

That’s the question of the day… And it’s a big one!

altar crystals


What to do when you’ve tried everything and you can’t seem to make that something you are trying to “manifest” actually happen?

Reflecting on this, I come up with a few stories that seems to shed light on the conundrum…

There’s a woman who did every vision board, every meditation, every affirmation and every bit of life-changing juju she could get her hands on and she still couldn’t land a new job.

What happened that her job just woudn’t come?

There’s the man with a really bad case of allergies that were debilitating who decided to throw everything from homeopathy and neti pots to antibiotics at the problem and still couldn’t find any relief.

Why did everything fail to heal this horrible situation?

The woman who made twenty different lists of her dream partner, who went to seminars, read all the books, took so many risks on love and still found herself alone…

Why can’t she make her man appear?

The answer always seems to be in the question when I am faced with clients who just can’t seem to make something happen that they want or need badly.

Here’s what I’ve observed in my own life, and the lives of hundreds of clients and readers and friends who have come up against a situation that doesn’t seem to budge.

The real problem isn’t addressed. 

The woman who just couldn’t find a job… (by the way, this is really common and I have met scores of people in this same position) she wasn’t looking at her resume, her interview skills or how to identify jobs that were a good match for her personality as well as her skill set.  All the good energy in the world can only help… but alone it wasn’t going to take an unspecific resume and a shaky interview process and produce a good job.

The man who couldn’t heal his allergies lived a life of toxic anger and intense over-scheduled chaos. If your immune system is always pushed to the limit, it really doesn’t matter how much you load up on superfoods or antibiotics.

The lady who was starved for love wanted to find all kinds of things in other people that she coudn’t find in herself and felt that every man she met fell short.   Of course, each and every situation was doomed to fail.  It was a tall order to find a perfect person.  All the lists and mantras in the world weren’t going to change her ways until she saw what she was doing with each man she met… tearing him apart and finding the problems instead of the good stuff.

If you have had a situation that isn’t resolving or “manifesting” its worth asking yourself if you are honestly pursuing the solution in the real world in a practical way? 

Are you trying to reinvent your career with your spritual practice?  I will tell you, I believe this works, too, but even my very dutiful and devout Buddhist priests who have dedicated their lives to the practice say that if you want to make something happen you have to go out and work hard for it along with committing to spritual wellbeing.

Are you hoping to manifest a solution by doing workshops or EFT or other practices?  I say: do what works to make you feel clear, powerful and happy…. but you also have to treat the real problem in daily life.    That guy with a 7am to 11pm schedule and contant illness might want to look at why that schedule got thay way… and handle all that practical daily stress instead of just loading up on cures.

Whatever it is that won’t budge in your life probably has a very practical, real-world soultion begging to be addressed.  Time and time again, the simplicity of this never fails to astonish me.

Could it be that the “healing and good juju stuff” is not being approached in the way it was intended? 

I found myself so distracted while doing my morning writing exercises that I started to wonder why I started to feel so bad, stopping to check emails, running after the dogs, remembering things I forgot to do during the day…  Even though I knew the point was to abandon thought and let the pages pour out uninterrupted, I was busy… I had a lot happening…  And I ultimately got no benefit from a few weeks of this writing that usually super-charges my mind.

People tell me that meditation doesn’t work for them…

That relaxation doesn’t work…

That all the holistic stuff doesn’t work…

Guess what? If you take a handful of homeopathy and head to a bar all night, its likely not going to work.  If you bring your cell phone to meditation class, I bet you won’t be as focused… and yes, you might find it doesn’t work.

I met a man who would do his morning Buddhist practice while driving.  Yep: it didn’t work for him.

Half-doing things pretty much stinks.  Especially if you are half-doing lots of things.

What if you choose one thing at a time to help you solve your problems of stress or confusion or anything else and really commit to it, fully?

What if you learn to do whatever you want to do properly?

What if you respect the process and commit to whatever it is wholly and fully, instead of doing 50 different things half-way?

What would happen if you actually did what you were doing while you were doing it?

This I love!

Be simple.


Do one thing at a time.

See what happens.  You may just find much more than what you were hoping to magnetize and manifest!  xoxo Dana



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