Do You Take Care Of What Truly Matters Most To You?

Oct 11, 2014 | Prosperity

puppy love

Welcome to my fur children! If you are new here, these guys are so important to my life, it defies words to explain it.

Yesterday, momentary calamity struck.

My worst nightmare flashed before my eyes.

I had been going back and forth with the owner of my building on an issue with the front lock of my house.  She calimed it was the 100 degree weather that was making the lock of the front door stick.  I let it go, but with concern.  I mean, I am all feng shui and here I am with a lock to my front door that is haphazard at best.  It always seemed to finally lock and I didn’t think it was worth a huge battle to have it fixed… and I was told I couldnt have a locksmith come on my own.

I thought it was locked… but apparently, yesterday, it stuck… unlocked. 

The big fluffy dog Gordon was barking uncontrollably.  He doesn’t typically do this.  It was strange enough that it seemed he neded to say something.

When I walked out into the living room, the door was open… and Bob was missing.

Now: for all of you who have or have ever had a pet, you understand what kind of flight response follows next.  I bolted out of the house without a second thought, barefoot, screaming, having my whole entire life shut down to only one thought: I have to find Bob in the vast unknown and this was my only mission.

In immense gratitude, I found Bob near the front steps, running to me.  He’d never been out in the world on his own before, and I never will let it happen again.  Literally, I didn’t let him leave my side all day.

What the hell happened?

I knew something needed to be fixed to make my home safe and I let it go.  I was “reasonable” because I didn’t want to rock the boat of peace around me.

Never ever again.

what matters most

I realize that this type of reasonable thought creeps into life…

Health mattters most but it seems dutiful to have an insane boss demanding brutal hours of work that leave no time for you to exercise or even eat well.  But…. you don’t want to rock the boat.  Instead, you are constantly feeling sick and spending free time recovering from the days of neglect.

Building a great relationship matters most but your commitment to a needy family member pulls you away from relationships… but you don’t want to say anything because you feel like you want to be a good person to everyone. Until finally, your parner leaves because you just can’t find the time.

Your creative projects matters most but you say yes to everything that other people need from you so that you have no free time to develop them… until you wake up one day, many years later, feeling defeated when you never even tried to do what you love, in a total fit of regret.

We tend to know what matters most.  But sometimes it takes a crisis to see how these patterns of neglect threaten what matters most.

Don’t let it be a crisis.

Take care of what matters most… immediately.

Nothing reasonable mattters when you are looking at the most important things in life.

Needless to say, my doors are deadbolted, locksmith on the way, and both Bob and Gordon’s safety (and my own! sheesh- what if someone just strolled into my house?!) will never be neglectfully compromised.

Other people might try to convince you to ease up, to not be so bold, to relax where you know you should take action …

Trust yourself.

Take care of what matters most to you without compromise and you avoid many avoidable crisis times. And, each time you do take care of what matters most, you’ll also feel stronger, more confident and more able to actually take care of anything!

Enjoy today with so much gratitude for so many amazing things!   xoxo Dana



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