Feng Shui And The Autumn Orange Everywhere!!!

Oct 11, 2014 | Sensory Goodness



Orange, orange, orange…. This is the source of so many second chakra creative, sexy, prosperous feng shui tips (you can read them here) that make expand in ways that shift life in amazing ways.  Orange is the color of Fall leaves, pumpkin….

Orange is a little used color that should have a surge in popularity: it has so much power to create change, it is amazing!

Today, some feng shui of orange to help you use citrus tones in ways that light up your intentions! 


Feng Shui Tips All About Orange, by Carol M. Olmstead 

If we associate colors with months, then orange is the natural color to associate with October. Think orange leaves, the blood moon, and of course, Halloween. Orange may be the new black in pop culture, but In Feng Shui, orange is known as the “social color” because it helps draw people together and encourages communication.

On the fun side, that means using lots of orange decorations for a Halloween party can help encourage conversation and connection. On the more serious side, in Feng Shui and in color therapy, orange is used to overcome abuse, shock, depression, and codependency. People either love or hate orange. Some color therapists believe that if you don’t like orange, it’s an indication that you need it for healing.

Surrounding yourself with the color orange can make you feel energized, creative, and motivated. You may not need to produce drama with your use of the color orange, but you can add the color to your home and workplace in both dramatic and modest ways.


(line this up in a room or home  floorplan so that the entrance door falls into wisdom, self or helpful people)

  • Orange represents the Feng Shui Fire Element, so use it to power up a space located in the Fame, Reputation, or Love Areas of your home.
  • Choose orange, terracotta, or peach paint for the family or great room, where you need to bring people together.
  • Orange in combination with other warm desert colors can stimulate collaboration in small offices.
  • Add some orange to your studio space when your creativity feels blocked.
  • Wear orange when you are meeting people for the first time and it will make you seem more approachable, especially if you are in a communications profession.
  • Surround yourself with the color orange if you are recovering from an accident, surgery, or a dental procedure.
  • If you are a family therapist or work with family groups, add orange accents to your office to symbolize joy in relationships.
  • Display orange flowers like gladiolus or begonias when you need to boost the energy in any commercial space, especially in a restaurant.
  • Throw orange pillows on the sofa or armchair, or hang artwork with orange accents to bring energy into a windowless office or dark room.

This is so amazing Carol!!!  xoxo Dana


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