6 Feng Shui Design Ideas To Make Your Office Space Come To Life!!!

Oct 14, 2014 | Prosperity

office space


Whether you work at home, in an office or even a cubicle, there are ways to bring much more life to your space in both stylish and energetically bright feng shui ways.

Take the space above— it soars because if the simply installed vertical wood paneling on the walls that makes it feel creative and look both warm and powerful at once!

Here’s some of my recent design inspiration to spark some shifts to your own workspace.  A big reveal of my own home office- The Tao of Dana HQ filled with feng shui fun- is coming soon… but for the moment, lets swim in great ideas! 

vintage map office

(vintage revivals)

Here I love the furry texture and the fabulous vintage map.  Word to the feng shui- wise: don’t let your wires drip around like that!

butcher paper


I’m very tempted to steal this idea. I’m not sure I have the wall space accessible… but man would this be the PERFECT monster to-do list, inspiration list, calendar…. Oh so exciting!!!

art studio


The most lush art studio of minimalism.  I adore the idea of rounding up all the art supplies in a big wooden palette.  My old neighbor left a vintage wooden pallette behind and I’m tempted to “adopt” it for these purposes!

gold bookends


Golden bookends.  Spray painted big stones.  You can also spray paint bricks.  This is a big yes.  And by the way, gold brings lush feng shui prosperity to your space!

framed art


And if you are going to art, sometimes you have to go big.  Imagine this room with just a few small symmetrical pieces on the wall.  Even big ones.  Not quite as energetic, right? Lots of art hung tightly together creates a visual sentence that intermixes depending on your perspective.

Invest in your workspace.  It’s often a little time and some cleverness rather than massive furnishings that will elevate your workday.  And its typically a change like this that signals great change in how you work and how happy  & productive you are!  xoxo Dana



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