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Oct 16, 2014 | Home Style

plum color,  justina blakeney

(my design hero, Justina Blakeney)

Plumb is rare and fantastic.  How often do you see any shade of purple- from fig to deep grapes- anywhere? Look around you.  Is anything violet or even magenta?

Because of its rarified power in color psychology I think we see less purple than other shades as a function of practicality.  Purples can seperate you front others, elevating your uniqueness, enhancing spirituality, creating a sense of heightened awareness.  To be a bit metaphysical for a moment, purple is the color that resonates with the crown chakra, the energy center of the body located “over” your head that essentally lights up your whole being.

Cool stuff… but all stuff that isn’t an easy sell to the world at large.

I for one am a fan of integrating plum and grape and fig in places where it makes a vibrant impact.  Like this plum ceiling from Justina Blakeney that seems to make the whole bedroom above almost levitate!

Here’s a little plum-spiration to expand your sense of possibility with the color that can lift your world higher!

plum sofa

So simple. So memorable.

plum kitchen

(the kitchn)

This island is so utterly unusual its astonishing.

purple sofa


The way the color morphs from grape to plumb in the light is captivating.

plum chair


Vintage inspired yet totally modern.



 And this room… amazing ideas can be sparked in this room.

Test drive a bit of plum and see what you think.  Small bits in spaces that you want to feel more inspired and elevated- like a bathtub or the wall near where you meditate- can do the trick.  Big color = big vibes.  Embrace it!  xoxo Dana



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