Your Morning Dramatically Shapes Your Day… So Make It Amazing!

Oct 18, 2014 | Creativity

Your Morning Dramatically Shapes Your Day… So Make It Amazing!

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I am a big believer in morning routines that make the day better.

I’m also a huge believer that what you think about becomes what you create.

Both ideas have a whole lot of science behind them as well as a whole lot of anecdotal evidence.

Just because I am aware of these things doesn’t mean I always get them right!

You might also be aware of these things… and not quite know how to make them a reality.

If you started your day: by waking up to an alarm clock begrudgingly (or just sleeping through it, exhausted), crawling out of bed with a slight feeling of dread and then started ruminating on all the things wrong with your house, with your life or with circumstances, you are not alone.

My schedule got shattered recently by lots of good things (*they can also screw up a great routine!) and along with it my morning habits flew out the door. Let me tell you, there’s nothing good that has come of my “new morning improvisation.”

I’ve been thinking all morning, ” I am so behind…I should be at yoga… I should have done this thing sooner… Maybe I should skip it because I’m so behind…”   

What this leads to is very simple:   Nothing gets done. And everything is unnecessarily stressful. 

Have you been there?

Are you there now?

What was on your mind this morning?

Here’s a little feng shui to make it a brighter and earlier and more purposeful morning every day! 

Your Morning Dramatically Shapes Your Day… So Make It Amazing!

Feng Shui To Fill Your Morning With Good Vibes & Great Thoughts!

1. Sleep enough. 

As I’ve been re-reading Superbrain the essential book of brain genius by Deepak Chopra and Rudy Tanzi, I was reminded that a brain that is a Superbrain sleeps eight to nine hours a day. Now, before you snicker and say outloud that this is just impossible, consider what your life would look at feel like if you were not tired. That fresh, wide-eyed, inspired feeling you get on vacation can be a feeling you have most mornings at home.   Also, people who get enough sleep (a rare minority) are healthier, more productive and seem to be far more magnetic so the extra hour you put toward sleeping can actually buy you much more time.

If you can’t sleep well lately even if you take the time to do it, THESE holistic tips can help you.

2. Sleep meaningfully. 

Sleep can be used to solve your problems.

Try it.

Before you go to bed, instead of letting your mind race through problems, sit down quietly and decide that while you sleep you are going to solve “x” problem.

It’s really effective.

Especially if you are determined to come up with solutions.

Some people wake up and write in a journal until the solution to their problem becomes clear, as Julia Cameron recommends in The Artist’s Way book. Others just have a flash of a solution. Sometimes I just find the solution when I wake up as I am going through my morning stuff.

I’m not sure “where we go” when we sleep, but our brain is enormously active while we sleep so put it to good use!

3. Start with focusing in. 

Pick a single thing that is the first thing you do on a typical morning. If you pick more than one thing, you likely will overwhelm yourself while getting started. Pick something: your journal, prayer, meditation, a run, yoga, art making, whatever gets you into your best “you” and do that first. Before you do anything else, do you.

4. Filter out negativity in the morning & produce great things like crazy. 

If you have difficult people in your life right now, or a difficult boss or some challenging phone calls to make, see if you can get them done and confronted in the afternoon after having a super-dazzling morning.   I usually go to temple in the very early morning and then do the blog in the early morning before I do anything else. In this way, my mornings are usually a bubble of greatness. That said, when my schedule goes backwards it has a huge impact on my greatness-bubble.

Can you find a way to filter out the negative and stay in more of a greatness-bubble of your own, even for a few hours of the morning?

5. Use the idea of flow to make your morning routine much more amazing.  

Flow is what you do when you have energy and feel no need to force anything. Forcing is the opposite of flow.

If you are pushing yourself to do things that are “good for you” that you hate because you heard that someone you admire does them (you know, the neighbor who runs 6 miles every morning and seems to breeze through life) they will not work for you, anyway.

Flow will help you to find the things that are for you.  

The only way to know if something is in flow is that you look forward to it, intensely, every day. See if you can pack the morning with things that help you to flow. Let that be the rhythm you set for the day.

You may not have flow with every single thing in your entire day, but if you start the morning with all these feel-good things, you are activating that flow of life force that will carry you through the day with momentum.

Ready to start having more amazing mornings?!

I know that I am very ready to get my morning bubble of greatness back in a big way! Are you?!

Please let me know how it goes if you even sleep one extra hour or find one good thing to easily slip into your morning routine… I am always thrilled to hear how these methods from my work, research and life turn into actions that make your life lighter!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Jo

    Love the article! I love reading so from now on I will do my best to read couple of pages of my favorite book first thing in the morning 🙂 should work on my sleep too, thanks


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