Do You Believe That People Can Change?

Oct 20, 2014 | Uncategorized

let people change Do you believe that people can change?

Do you see evolution in yourself?

Do the people around you still treat you like the person that you used to be?

I have been having lots of conversations about this lately.  Perception is really important.

I mean, there are blind studies that show that when teachers expect that students are gifted, these students will rise to the top of the class even if they were behind their peers academically.  These teachers treat these students differently and as a product of this expectation these students find the freedom and confidence to exceed all their previous limitations.

Given this, imagine you made a big life change and the people around you expect you to fail.  Or treat you like you are a failure already, because of the mistakes of your past.

Do you think that will help you to succeed?

Or will this make it monumentally harder to maintain your gains?


What about people around you who have quit an addiction or made a big life change in some way that is monumental for them, a real shift?   Do you treat them like they are still stuck and destined to fail, or do you acknowledge that they can- and have- made a change?

This is big stuff.  It’s a big way to support greatness in the world, especially since we all are very imperfectly perfect and I feel like we all want others to believe in our best selves.

xoxo Dana


  1. badassmofowholosthishousekeys

    Yes, I believe people can change. I believe that everything we consume, see, hear becomes a part of us. I know that certain words and kindnesses have changed me and I know that people responsible see that. Even if it has taken a while.

    I’ve seen people change; opinions, lifestyles… so, yes.

    I try to help people. A guy with allergies to everything was in office today and I asked if asthma, lots of antibiotics in past and candida and he said yes(!), and i suggested trying oil pulling (as will not hurt) and maybe trying maple cleanse and giving him links. It might work, but told him to read up (gave him proper linkage) and take it slow. He was very grateful and had never heard of either!

    Anyway, thank you Dana for all you give and the ripples of change you make in the world.

  2. Kim

    This is SO true. I work in special education and so many people have such low expectations for these kids. I have HIGH expectations and more often than not, they rise up and meet them. It’s such powerful stuff!

    I love to be surrounded by people who believe in me. Who doesn’t!?

    <3 Kim


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