The Inspired Earth Art Of Gerry Barry!

Oct 20, 2014 | Life With Art

gerry barry artwork

I love a great ring of stones, a field turned into sculpture, even sand carved with shapes.  The thing about land-based, Earth-borne art is that it is just like Nature itself- fleeting, not meant for forever, yet enduring in such a magnificent way long after the stones are washed away, the grass grows and the delicate installation has been churned back into Nature.

Gerry Barry doesn’t just make brilliant land art, he captures it in ways that feel vintage and timeless yet modern and fresh.  This is such raw inspiration and true beauty. 

gerry barry artwork , earth art Water is used like a mirror for the sky.

gerry barry artwork , earth art

This only exists in the sun, made golden and great in the sun.

gerry barry artwork , earth art

The timeless concentric circles…

gerry barry artwork , earth art

The ripples and waves add dimension to this “live” artwork.

gerry barry artwork , earth art

Like a crop circle, but simple.  And filled with swampy water as  though soon it all will be gine with only memories- and pictures- to remain.

I wonder if Earth art was the predecessor of our modern way of photographing all of life before it fades.  It’s great splendor concocted for a moment, and then all that remains is a photo to prove that ir really happened, or even to elevate it to greater heights than perhaps one woould see live.  You know, when you look back at the parties you’ve photographed, you only see the picture perfect moments with friends, not the awkward pauses, the scent of perfume in the air or even the heightened joy… just images. That’s why I’m such a believer in experiencing art live as well as in print (or digitally!) and immersing in Nature completely, so you don’t forget the sensations that crreated the pictures left behind.

All of these artworks and enchanted images are Gerry Barry’s. You can explore his work HERE, and I hope you do!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Michelle

    I just discovered your site, have to say, i love your work, though when you leave links to the artists’ webpage, could you also get their Instagram account names?
    Thanks in advance

    • danaclaudat

      thats a great idea michelle! i will start looking them up as well!


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