7 Feng Shui Cures For A Headache!

Oct 22, 2014 | Sensory Goodness


I am all about small ways to make life flow better.  And when like gets stuck, your body tends to follow.  If you have a headache, it may seem intuitive to reach for a bottle of  pills.  Having worked in a high stress office where people swallowed handfulls of these pills nearly every day, I saw the flip side of over-medicating the symptoms rather than treating the cause.  The office was dark, cluttered, filled with tension, the set-up was constricted and even the art on the walls was alienating.

Holistic remedies are a first-line of defense as well as a way to treat underlying causes.  If a headache- or any other ailment- is severe or continues, a medcal doctor is in order.  But simple adjustments  to your space & flow of energy can be a starting point in treating the everyday headache causes!

7 Feng Shui Cures For A Common Headache

pretty water


1. Water & more water!  When I fail to drink water, I am cursed with muscle tension. Often this leads to a headache. A big pitches of water filled with citrus or herbs or a combintation of yummy fruits can tempt you visually to drink more throughout the day.

2. Add some violet. Violet is the color of elevation, both in an ethereal sense and in a sense of royalty.  Blackberry smoothies, purple pens: a little violet can be a mood-switcher.

3. Try sprinkling some mint essential oil in your morning shower.  Some high quality essential oil in any type of mint sprinkled in the corners of your shower before you turn on the hot water can create a steam-bath of anti-inflammatory, mind-clearing greatness. Don’t do this at night or even in the afternoon if you want to get any sleep at night!




4. Drink chamomile tea at night. I can’t drink chamomile (I’m allergic) but this has long been remedied to reduce physical and metal tension.


5. Wash your windows. Windows are considered to be the “eyes” of your house.  If you clean your windows, you take a step toward more mental clarity.  While you are at it, following the anology of this cure, get an eye exam if it’s been a while- poor vision can create the worst headaches!

6. Walk. Walk around the block, or take a long walk, looking far out into the distance and feeling far more space around you and in your life.

7. Get inspired to get organized! The more organized you are the less likely you are to fall into stress headaches.  Clutter is a mirror of your mind.  If you want to change your mind, you can start by cleaning up and organizing your space!

And… of course, eating well (and frequently), sleeping enough, having an ergonomic workspace if you type all day, reducing stress levels through meditation… all of these also factor into your clear-minded, headache-free life!

Do you have a natural headache cure you’d like to share? I would love to hear it! Email me at dana@fengshuidana.com or leave a comment below!

xoxo Dana



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