You Always Have The Power!

Oct 26, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

you have the power


I love this quote.

I love this image.

Have you seen The Wizard Of Oz?   In this classic fantasy, Dorothy winds up in a far-away fantasy land after a tornado and goes on a quest to find a way to get back home.  She thinks that she needs to speak to the Wizard of Oz who ultimately, through trials and tribulations, she seeks and finds.

It is only at the end of the story that she realizes that, without ruining the story for all of you, she could have used her ruby slippers to go back  home to Kansas.  She actually had the power to do it all along the journey, but her guardian angel, the good witch Glinda, didn’t tell her that at first that she had the power to go home whenever she wanted to.  She didn’t think Dorothy was ready to hear it.  Dorothy seemed convinced she had to work her way out of this magical fantasy land.  So, she went on her heroic quest.

We all seem to have ruby slippers.

We all have the power to do things that are incredible…  but lots of times we just don’t believe it.  At least, I don’t.

Instead, I’ve constructed twisty, turny, awesomely heroic quests for myself.  Have you?  have you made things hard because you thought it should be hard?

But, when you finally break through, isn’t it funny how you can look back and see how much easier it could have been if you believed you could so long ago?

Typically, talents and gifts flow easily from people. I have always known my strengths and because they come easy I felt almost guilty about having them.  You are supposed to work hard to be heroic, right?

That’s what I thought.

The hero’s journey isn’t a waste of time.  Its awesome. Its primal. It creates character.  It makes life exciting…

But, if you think you might be able to be more direct in your business or any part of your life, more simple, more free of confusion… try it.  Use your power.  It’s always stunning to me when simple ideas (the ones that I think are too simple) turn out to be huge successes!!!

xoxo Dana


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