How To Get Out Of Your Head & Start Having More Positive Influence Right Now!

Oct 28, 2014 | Creativity

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Have you experienced this?  Someone walks in a room and you feel them before you see them? It’s as through their presence is so magnetic that it can encompass the room in a great way.  You want this energy around all the time. You can’t stop looking at them.  Its like… they are huge.  And they make you happy.

A friend was just telling me that when the famed Energy Medicine creator Donna Eden walks into a conference people start smiling before she even gets through the back door.  It’s like her energy walks into the room long before she does.

So, today, in honor of the idea of creating much more space to change your life and actually DO it rather than THINK about it, here is one big way to have more positive influence in a day when you find yourself stuck in your head!



What is this “energy” stuff all about?

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I bet you are getting lost in your thoughts, trying to figure things out in your mind, getting really significant about things, maybe even feeling yourself spin a bit or get a headache.  This is all what happens when the “chi” or electricity or whatever you call the energy – spiritual of scientific-that animates your body and creates life- shrinks around you and seems to move not very far around you.  In those moments, it’s hard to imagine going for a run or standing on stage giving a speech or being in a crowd of people. It’s as though you can’t influence very much of the world around you.  It’s as though you have little space to move.  Your body might even feel stiff.

Have you had that happen?

It’s a form of stagnation.  Stagnation breeds nothing good.  In fact, it’s in stagnant water that bacteria and bad things grow that poison the ecosystem.  In your body and life it is similarly toxic— stagnant energy breeds problems.  So, when you keep things flowing and moving in your body and life, you have a better chance of staying well in every way.

How to expand your energy outward so you can have more positive influence!

If you are feeling powerless and uninspired and want to have more of a sense of confidence and positive influence, creating flow and expanding the space of energy- that invisible field- will make all the difference!

Try taking a walk (without a cell phone!) and start looking up and out at far away and upward at trees, poles, buildings, lights, even the moon or the stars.  As you walk, really see things out in the distance and imagine yourself looking down at where you are.  Really place your attention far out from you.  Breathe a lot.  Keep walking until you feel yourself get lighter.  You may have a headache go away.  you may figure out the answer to a problem.  The main effect of this is that you will feel more confident, taller and brighter.

Similarly, if you can’t walk (like at work, in a meeting) take time to put your attention out to the far corners of the room around you.  I do this on airplanes if I start to feel claustrophobic, both inside the plane and out the window, and it works really well, too.

Any time you feel yourself “shrinking” in a day (you know, posture shrinking, mood shrinking) this can be really helpful.

When you do this on a stage before speaking, you can literally feel yourself filling the room.

When you do this at a party, it becomes much easier to move through a crowd and engage with it.

And when you do this at just about any time you feel a slump, you will become brighter.

While this is a quick idea, its a big idea. I do it all the time.  It’s dramatic what a difference it makes.

Its a great break to take in the workday.  It helps me when I can’t figure out what to do next.  It’s an antidote to over thinking.

And it definitely keeps the energy flowing.

If you decide to give it a try & please let me know what happens!!!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Rebecca

    I like the idea of this exercise. I will definitely give it a try! Thanks for sharing!


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