7 Simple & Vetted Product Switches To Detox Your Beauty Routine!

Oct 29, 2014 | The Beautiful


It’s no longer a hippie secret that there are chemicals that are decidedly not good for your body and mind that are loaded into many skin care products and cosmetics.  Both men and women face the bathroom detox challenge these days, as we are now aware that many common products- some shampoo to basic body lotion and deodorant- are not the greatest for our hormones, our bloodstream, our mood and even the fututure of our health.

As I woke up this morning to finish a big bathroom/beauty closet  feng shui project in my own home, I realized that I had a few lingering toxic culprits in my own bathroom that I avoid instead of replacing.  That is just clutter! And as it gets properly sorted today, I thought I would pull together a simple way to lighten your toxic load.

First, a basic cheat-sheet of common cosmetic chemicals for you to pin and take with you as you shop:

toxic skincare


Now to the fun! I’ve bundled up some of my favorite basics from celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore’s reviews and introductions so that you can make a few quick switches in your own daily routine.   Chantal has tested so many products in her life and in the field of very high profile makeup artistry to bring us the top performers, so you don’t need to sacrifice quality to move to a healthier mascara, lipstick or body lotion! 

7 Awesome Beauty Switches To Detox Your Beauty Routine

Here are some of the things most of us use daily, and some incredible switches:


1. Deodorant.  La Vanilla will rock your world. So many friends use it now, too, and it unequivocally does WORK and smells amazing, naturally.


2. Lip Balm.  Buckler’s chapped lip remedy is awesome for both men & women.  You can check it out here.  

kjaer weis

3. Mascara.  Many women won’t leave the house without mascara, so here’s how to do that a bit better:

Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Mascara is waterproof and amazing!

Kjaer Weis makes a rose-scented, natural, lush and layerable mascara to love!

sheswai red

4. Nail Polish.  A big toxic offender if you do your nails all the time, as many of us do… but to find a non-toxic nail polish that isn’t a mess has not been easy until now! Never fear: Sheswai Lacquer is divine. 

5. Body Moisturizer, Hot Oil Treatments & Much More…. this can all be handled by some Virgin Coconut Oil!  You can read Chantal’s how-to on coconut oil beauty right HERE.  

tata harper

6. Your High Tech Face Serum.   When you are ready for a swap, try Lina Hanson Global Face & Body Serum  or Tata Harper Boosted Contouring Serum.  There are very high-end serums for you without the ever-so-long list of chemicals tacked on!

7. Shampoo!  I have been in the “should I use sulfates?” debate for ages and the answer is now definitively NO.  Not only are they toxic, they turn my hair to straw.  Using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo is super important in my life.

A very luxe alternative to an average commercial shampoo is Leonor Greyl.  The excellent news is that you can use less, wash less often and have far better hair all-in-one switch!   You can also try Kevin Murphy Born Again Wash to give your hair a fresh start with less toxins!

Are you inspired to swap out your own beauty products for less toxic rockstar alternatives?!   xoxo Dana


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