Make Sure To Have Decor That Reminds You Of Home!

Oct 29, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

elle decor

(elle decor) 

The simplest feng shui ever starts with connecting to your space. TAO means CONNECTION.  And whether you connect to objects from your actual home or to objects that remind you of the place you feel most at home (i.e.- bookshelves if you are at home in the library, the beach if your most fond memories were at the shore, etc, etc) you have more TAO.  And that means more power, abundance and creative self-actualization.

Cool, right?

Today I pulled together some inspiration that looks a lot like my childhood house in New Jersey and more is to come! I am so excited to share pictures soon of my actual childhood home, mixed with how I’ve created that feeling in my home in many ways today.  It’s a 70’s remix!  Like the giant antique rug with white sofas- the classic look of my Jersey living room.

Do you know what reminds you of home?

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We had C.Jere on two walls at home.  C.Jere owned my living room.  C.Jere are in so many family photos I can barely count.  I don’t know if I can ever fully understand how my mother just gave them away without telling me, but, needless to say, I am on the hunt for more so if you see some good ones in vintage stores wherever you are and don’t fancy them for yourself, please shoot me a note! I know Jonathan Adler has the new ones, but that’n not quite the same, you know?

Do you have art that reminds you of home?

oil paintings

These walls of oil paintings are also a semi-spooky reminder of my Nana’s house near us in New Jersey.  It was a dark house, but I always admired these paintings everywhere. It made me feel that perhaps in some small way someone in my family had some care for art?  I know, it was wishful thinking but I still love seeing these everywhere.  I painted by first one in middle school in my own living room!

Kitchen goodies are some of the best ways to add childhood home memories to your house now.



These are dreamy!  I have Pyrex, Corning Ware, and all kinds of vintage cookware piled up in my cabinets.  Everything reminds me of my grandma.  Do you have kitchen goodies stacked up that you love?  You can stop Etsy and vintage to find a few things that are from those collections your grandma had in her kitchen… flea markets, garage sales…

sea shell planter


This I must find!  Seashell planters, just like the planters my grandma hung in her sunny bedroom window filled with spider plants.  Craving them in my living room sunny windows!

The more you can fold in connection to the spaces where you felt most like you at your best as a child, the more Tao you generate in a powerful way.

Can you think of something simple that will help you to feel more at home where you live… today?

xoxo Dana



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