Change Your Thoughts & Watch Everything Change!

Nov 2, 2014 | Uncategorized

louise hay quotes

Yep, I know you know this. I do, too.

But as I was just thinking about how much I can’t stand how inconvenienced I am by work being done on my house, I realized I could use to get this basic practice more completely functioning in my own life! I want to have the upgrades done, so I shouldn’t get so mad about them.  I should be grateful and excited.  And after catching myself bitching, I really am much more grateful and excited!

What you are living is what you created with thoughts, words and actions.  This we agree on, I think, to some degree.  The sticky part is how to change that thinking.

Some people say they have the answer.

I feel that only you know the way to change your thoughts in the long term.

So, make it a mission to find your way to brighter thoughts and you’ll find your way.  It has to feel real to you!  The cool motivation: It has been scientifically proven to change your life: more happiness, health and success just from more optimism!

This mirror trick, also from Louise Hay, is a quick pick-me-up in the meantime as you go…!

xoxo Dana




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