What Do You Do When You Need Inspiration & Motivation?

Nov 4, 2014 | Creativity

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The day doesn’t just “happen” you know? The days when there are breakthroughs, big things get done, some sort of synchronicity or coincidence has your phone ringing, people showing up and good news coming in…. And in those days, there is so much inspiration and motivation, the sky’s the limit.

If you don’t somehow latch on to the magic of a day, though, it does ” just happen” and how it happens is in this feeling that you are sort of just walking through the day, watching a clock, wondering when things will change cosmically, not really moved to move around much.

Sadly, tons of people are in the camp of people who think that every day “just happens” and that you don’t have a hand in how it turns out.

My own life has convinced me that we have far more influence over the inspired and motivated energy that makes magic happen.

You definitively have the power to create far more inspiration and motivation for yourself right now.

Here are a few ideas to take this day that is “just happening” and start making it happen!!!

 Here are five big ways to find inspiration & motivation right now: 

puppy with toys

1. Take time to play.  Bob and Gordon- the fur babies- taught me the value in playtime.  When you have playtime on the horizon, or take a break to play, you light up much more of your brain and expand your vision of what is possible.  Games are high energy inducing, mentally engaging brain exercise and even problem-solving masked in pure fun.

While I’m sure you can’t always take a break in your day to play basketball or have a chess match, you might be able to engineer that stuff into your life. I just saw a woman spinning a hula hoop in the park across the stress with haedphones on.  That’s play!   If you don’t really play games, you might want to see what catches your eye in your neighborhood. I used to watch the Washington Square Park chess matches in New York in rapture- I never even played- and it was incredible.

2. Explore your neighborhood.  Instagram has fixed my eyes on everything happening around me in every neighborhood I visit. There are cultural riches in various churches, tiny bookstores and super-malls.   I live in an artistically vibrant urban area so its easy for me to find street art and happenings when I step out onto the street, but even if you live in a more suburban area you can find so much in a little exploration.


3. Set a deadline that is a real deadline with consequences.  Deadlines create monumental breakthroughs, if they are real.

Yesterday I woke up to a 24 hour window to shoot and style a very cool piece for an article… and if I didn’t get it done, I wouldn’t be included.  But, to top it off, now that the sun sets early, I only had a three hour window to both shop for the ideal greenery and style and shoot it all before the light was gone.  That was a marathon deadline, and I pulled something amazing out of this small window of opportunity.  Something that would have taken me days, if not weeks, to do if I could let it stretch on…

Saying “I am going to finish this work by  X hour” is not always enough to constitute a deadline.  Deadlines have to have consequences to be real deadlines.  Unless you get fired or reprimanded in a way that can harm your career if that work is not finished, chances are that the deadline is just not as “sticky” and motivating.  I like positive motivation.  Meaning: I have to finish something by a certain time to be able to make it to an event or a a dinner.

Today, if I finish what needs to be done in time I can get a new iPhone, and that’s pretty motivating!  Make it real to you, your deadlines, and set them to see the power of shaping space fill your world with all kinds of resourceful ingenuity!

piggy bank

4. Add abundance to your space.  Whether its a piggy bank collection (how cute are these?!  from Target!) or a bunch of planys or flowers or a collection of stamps n display, visual abundance is something that reminds you of how unlimited, vast and awesome everything really is.  If you struggle with the idea that life is abundant and feel that you have limited opportunities for anything, this video is for you:

5. Cook!!!  Today, its a pumpkin pie that I envision will be epic.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  But, each time I cook, especially improvising new things, I feel motivation and energy rise up in a synergistic way.  The smells, tastes, textures and even heat of cooking is such a mind-freeing way to nourish your creative life.  Think about it, when’s the last time you tried a new recipe? What is the best thing you know how to make? Experiment more and widen that part of your life. It’s very freeing to know how to feed yourself and others in both elaborate and simple ways.  Plus, when you cook, your energy is transferred into your food, making it extra-great to do when you want to show others how much you love them!!!

Inspiration. Motivation.  Where do you find yours?  Please let me know! Share below. You never know if your personal method could be the thing that unlocks the stuck energy in someone else struggling through life when they should be in flow…!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Rebecca_FeltBallRug

    Thanks for sharing this article! Finding inspiration in the everyday really is important and it is something that I am learning more and more about everyday. I find that when I let myself really appreciate, notice, and be inspired by whats around my it decreases my stress and makes life seem more magically real. I like Instagram for this reason because it often makes you stop at something small and think…”what a perfect instagram!”, which often means, “how beautiful/amazing/worth noticing this is!”. I’ve been trying to be more aware of the beauty in the little things lately and have found myself being in awe of a tree I see while riding the bus or an interaction I see between two people while walking down the street. Staying in the present like this helps me find joy, motivation and inspiration 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      yes totally. “what a perfect Instagram pic” is what I think a lot these days!!!


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