Spectacular Sputniks!

Nov 7, 2014 | Home Style

sputnik lamp


A sputnik chandelier is an investment in feng shui magic.  I have a dream plan to put enormous ones into a big design project… in fact, I can see them, multiples, falling from the sky like exploding stars.

Here are some of the coolest sptunik chandeliers that I’ve seen in a while- vintage and also new-ish- to perhaps inspire a shooting, exploding stars cape in your own home?!

 sputnik lamp

(nuevo estilo)



(design sponge)

Can you feel how the whole room lights up from this little chandelier doubled in the mirror reflection?



A crafty, artsy one!

giant sputnik


Great big undeniably the best thing in the room sputnik.



 And lit up, can you see how its like an explosive star?!

I am off to Ebay to see what I can find….! xoxo Dana


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