Three Ways To Start Using My Style Of Artfully Modern Feng Shui Today!!!

Nov 14, 2014 | Feng Shui 101

olatz schnabel bedroom

(I love everything about Olatz Schabel’s design.  Linen masterpieces. Check out her house HERE!)

Have you ever used feng shui in your life before? If it seems mystical or weird, this is the “starter guide” for you.

Feng shui is the art and science of creating environments that are balanced and optimal for flourishing.  Some people feng shui their spaces for more money, love, health or happiness.  Some feng shui is complicated and twisty and full of arcane rules.  My methods are thoroughly modern while respecting the past, and my emphasis is on making your life wider and brighter.

Great design elevates my life. In fact, great design is what is shaping our lives.  Even digital space needs great design for us to want to engage with it, you know?

In my mind, if your home looks blah or feels like a stranger lives there, no matter how “nice” the stuff in the space may be, no matter how “perfect” the feng shui, it will fall flat. Bringing it to  dazzling life can be as basic as bringing more of your personality and style to the space!

Here are three ways to start using modern, stylish, Expansive Design today to create a home & life you love!


feng shui elements

Flow with Nature!

Use Nature & The Elements to design your home.  THIS POST will get you started!


Learn how your home mirrors your life!

This map called the BAGUA is pretty simple to use to learn what areas of your house are affecting your life in different ways.  I show you how right HERE.  

Make the space/life connection!

TAO is the fundamental part of feng shui.  It means CONNECTION.  This video will help you to make a powerful connection to your space and start feeling the power of feng shui in a big way:

I call what I do Expansive Design because it literally expands your life.  With a few basics in place you can use the tools of feng shui, art, new science and interior design to life a richer, more fulfilling life on every level.  It starts with small steps.

Take just one little space-shifting step today and see how it makes you feel!

If you do, please let me know how it goes!

xoxo Dana

P.S.: The Love Camp is coming, filled with eight weeks of bliss-making empowerment for your home and your life!  Whether you’re looking to attract new love, love yourself more, love your life more or expand the love you have now… it’s the feng shui of the highest frequencies to bring you harmony and turn your life to more and more love everywhere you look!

It’s brand new.  It starts soon.  And the FREE intro videos full of over an hour of feng shui rituals and magic to open doors to more love are HERE right now!!!

Wishing you days of living in sync with all that lights up your life!

xoxo !!! Dana



feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101.  Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks.  It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do.  Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…   And, as always, please let me know what happens!



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