Let Go Of The Heavy Stuff!!!

Nov 18, 2014 | Uncategorized

let go of heavy

My wish for all of you this week as I hot the cobblestone streets near Mt. Fuji : I hope you can let go of some stuff thats heavy.  I know you (& I!) might find it a familiar feeling to be dragging around a weight through life… but it is not necessary!  And it doesn’t define you.  And you can actually live without it!!! xoxo Dana


  1. Ann Haines-Hardman

    Hi Dana
    Have a blessed time in Japan. Reading that you can manage to take a week away ‘for you’ in your busy life helped me make the decision to take a 2 day break to re-connect with girlfriends from where I used to live. The ‘stuff’ here can wait…people are more important.
    Will miss you while you recuperate and rejuvanate.


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