I Am So Thankful

Nov 24, 2014 | Creativity

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Sometimes you need to go away to see how much you’ve changed.

Given the fact that both my parents died young, I’ve had way too much luxury to complain that I have so little family.

How warped and twisted my view was!

Every time I go away to Japan, my own super-tight Buddha family expands.  Every time I see my friends in New York (& LA) my deep bonds of Wellness family expands.  Every time I see my oldest friends that I’ve known the longest, I am reminded that I have an enormous family.

And… every time I come to know you better, my blog family grows enormously.  Some of my dear fiends started as readers.

Essentially, I’ve created a world of family, and sort of refused to acknowledge it for so long!!!

Do you have certain views that could maybe expand to encompass life in a way that’s true for you?

After my own perspective-shift, I’m full of so much gratitude…its unending!

This past week was one such big expansion. Though I didn’t snapshot them all, so many friends became far more Buddha family.

Theres a concept called Itai Doshin: many in body, one in mind.  Its a very profound ideology that means we all have to be connected and unified in mind to achieve greatness.   I used to fight this comcept, prizing the uniqueness of my singular mind.  When I could accept this connection and synergy… well… that’s when the family became far more real.


The guy who started it all, and introduced me to Buddhism 14 years ago…


My wise sage.


Bright lights (and witty, stylish, funny ones at that) by Mt. Fuji.


I wonder what life will be like once I readjust to this planet of Los Angeles again after so much non-stop fun & expansion & chanting & learning…

xoxo Dana


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