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Nov 24, 2014 | Sensory Goodness

dana claudat

If you travel through time zones frequently, have a wild schedule or just find yourself thrown out of the loop of your normal sleep patterns you likely know some of the downfalls of insomnia and jet lag.  Misery, stomachaches, exhaustion… and even depression and a lowered immune system: all can be the fallout of sleeplessness.

As I sat down to sleep for 9 hours solid on a plane home from Japan yesterday, the man beside me explained that he uses planes like busses and as a result of his frequent flying, he can only sleep for short bursts at a time.  I was quick to tell him- in a burst of lucid energy-  about the importance of sleep and the power of light to help you to sleep.

Yes: light.

Natural light- or its synthetic versions designed to mimic the best of light biologically- can help you to reset your internal circadian rhythm clock.  Light- a pure form of energy- does everything from colorize life to lifting moods.

Light can be a very profound healer.  There are no pills involved, no tossing and turning.  The results of working with light to create happiness and health are far-reaching and…illuminating!

I was thrilled to write a piece on light and share some amazing “light healing” products (wait till you see this alarm clock!!!) for Inspired Home.  You will want to be up for sunrise, out during the day to soak in the clear brightness and you’ll have some tools to conquer your jetlag, insomnia or general malaise once you read it… right HERE!

Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


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